How to maintain inner peace

How to maintain inner peace

One of the maxims of the Hawaiian philosophy called Ho'oponopono says: "Take care of the outside as much as the inside, because everything is only oneThis idea of ​​unity is fundamental, for example, to understand how dissociative disorders work or to nurture inner peace from the idea of ​​the whole.

Dr. Deepak Chopra is one of the pioneers of integrative medicine. This metabolic doctor has devised various theories that are not exempt from controversy. With or without them, the truth is that his ideas can be an interesting starting point for taking care of our inner peace.

"The greatest mystery of existence is existence itself."
-Deepak Chopra-

Ideas for maintaining inner peace

Maintaining inner peace is a common goal. Many people seek inspiration in Eastern philosophy to achieve this. Some focus on professional help, while the more traditional value system of our society seems to require a revolution or, at least, a different path from where our relational and technological dynamics seem to lead us.

We are referring here to a value system that emphasizes extreme competition, excessive consumerism and professional success at all costs when we talk about the old value system. The latter still predominates. Nevertheless, according to Chopra, more peopleseek every day another way to find peace.

For this doctor,inner peace is a state that tends to hold when it is reached. But achieving this personal tranquility requires a long introspective journey. So, if you're ready to look within yourself, here are the lessons, goals, or challenges that Dr. Chopra offers to try to get to know each other better and feel the sense of compromise between who we were, who we are, and what we want to be.

Find peace in yourself

The first step is toseek and locate peace in us. The doctor salutes the benefits of meditation for this purpose. We can look inside ourselves and transcend superficial mental activity.

For Chopra, this research involves to go beyond the usual thought to reach the deepest part of our mind. Where is what is considered the region of peace. It is here that immobility and silence … are transformed into a lasting experience.

Return to the place of peace

The next step is togo back to where we really feel at peace. But this return is not physical, but mental. We should therefore return to this space of inner peace whenever we experience stressful situations that generate in us worry and negative emotions.

Automating the return to the "refuge" will allow us to gain time to reach it when we need it and, consequently, to lose ourselves along the way.We will be better able to rid ourselves of anger, resentment and insecurity.

Get rid of violence in all its forms

heit will be easier for us to free ourselves from violence once we know our place of peace and we can come back whenever we want. This phase is essential to cope with impulses and to control the energy that emanates from emotions.

According to Chopra, the result will be smart management anger, envy and resentment. Only then will we be able to liberate ourselves by moving the ego and the insecurity that accompanies it.

This step is important forgive up negative emotions and reach our true identity. We will lay the foundation for a stronger balance in the zones of peace as we meditate. We will assimilate it and recognize it as true after a certain time.

Make every day the experience of peace

It is necessary at this stage toreach that peace increases daily. In other words, that every day we let ourselves be guided by that silent voice that comes from the balance achieved. That is to say, this awareness of having abandoned violence and agitation, and of having more control over what is happening in us and, by extension, what is going on outside .

It is therefore the method proposed by Deepak Chopra to find and maintain inner peace.We could end centuries of war and rivalry if we followed all of these guidelines. Would he be right?

"We are all able to go beyond our material attachments."
-Deepak Chopra-

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