How to improve the emotional climate at home?

How to improve the emotional climate at home?

Maintaining a good emotional climate at home is not an easy task, especially when strong personalities come together under one roof and that the circumstances are complicated. However, the effort is often worthwhile because the family is the most unconditional support circle for most people.

Family problems are frequently exposed during psychological consultations. It is said that contact generates affection. It is also true, however, that the more time we spend together, the more opportunities there are for confrontations and hostilities.

The emotional climate at home is also a shared responsibility.Therefore, everyone, to the best of their ability, can help ensure that harmony, not conflict or confrontation, predominates.

The most important efforts to achieve this goal must be made by parents. They are ultimately responsible for what is happening at home. Children will also gain a higher level of responsibility as they grow up. The climate of the house is a recipe to which everyone contributes according to his age and his possibilities.

According to research published in Psychology Science of Therapy, itis essential to carry out activities that promote family coexistence to achieve healthy emotional and cognitive development. Having a good relationship with siblings and parents strengthens emotional bonds. It also improves the self-esteem of each family member.

Families are not what they were

The role of parents is not an easy task. The dangers multiply as we only have two eyes and two hands.The function of parents goes beyond meeting the basic needs of food and subsistence, without underestimating the value of these.

There are other very important aspects to children's education. For example, educate in an emotional climate of affection, support and respect. This will facilitate the development of secure attachment relationships, norm-setting and discipline. It will also promote the teaching of healthy habits and lifestyles, the transmission of values ​​or the making of important decisions.

As if all this were not enough, these tasks must be carried out in a largely diversified family context. In addition to the traditional family, whose core consisted of two spouses,other types of family patterns are becoming more and more common. We meet, for example, single-parent families, stepfamilies or homoparental families.

Furthermore,the roles assigned to each parent have evolved considerably in recent decades. The majority of mothers do not focus exclusively on caring for children at home. They often have to combine this function with other work out of the house.

The father, moreover, is more and more likely to play an active role in the education and care of his children. This goes beyond the role of provider of economic resources. All this, together with other factors, raisesnew models and challenges in socialization. This directly affects the improvement of the emotional climate at home.

How can we improve the emotional climate at home?

The answer to how can we improve the emotional climate at home is not simple. Why ? In the first place because the question is very general.We should first assess the problems in the family.

Once we know the problems and their characteristics, we will be able to establish guidelines to improve the family climate at home. In any case,some general guidelines may apply in most cases.

Promote good practices among family members

This is essential to improve the emotional climate at home.Families with a good emotional climate are families who treat each other with respect and education.Respect and education involve the achievement of a series of behaviors. For example, we can say that it is necessary todo not use aggressive or offensive language. Insults and abusive language should be banished from the family, punishing or not reinforcing their use.

It is also important to be respectful. Family members should greet each other on arrival at home and say goodbye before going out. The signs of affection should not be lacking if we want to improve the emotional climate in the house.

Each family member has a specific role

This means that parents must act as parents and children as children. Although it makes sense, many parents forget their role.A father is a guide.His basic mission is to educate his children.The fundamental goal is to contribute to the well-being and growth of children.

To achieve this, some parents act more authoritatively than others. As a result, children will have little room for maneuver and autonomy. There are also parents who are unable to maintain clear and defined boundaries. The children will then have a very disoriented education and become impulsive. It is therefore better to be democratic parents, that is to say, firm through certain limits, but ready to listen.

Children, on the other hand, must learn to respect parents, to take on more responsibilities as they grow up and allow themselves to make mistakes. A child who does not follow his father's instructions will not be "guided" and will grow up with a high sense of insecurity due to the lack of reference points. At the opposite extreme,a child who is too dependent will hardly take the risks necessary for his growth.

Perform family activities

The family should also be a place of entertainment.It is important for family members to do meaningful activities together. We assume that children should have their friends, just like parents. They should also share time away from responsibilities or stressful moments. Family recreation includes sightseeing, traveling, eating out, watching movies together, playing sports, etc.It is important for family recreation to be of high quality and that all members benefit.

There are many other factors to take into account to improve the emotional climate at home. However, it would take too much time and go beyond the claims of this article.If the emotional climate in your home becomes unbearable, it is best to consult a psychologist. It will help you and your family cope with difficult times.

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