How to help someone who thinks about suicide?

How to help someone who thinks about suicide?

Sadly, suicide is considered by some as the ultimate solution to a situation they perceive as insurmountable.

Some people try to commit suicide or think of different ways to kill themselves because of the impossibility of facing the difficulties of life.

Sometimes, negative feelings such as rejection by others, the loss of a loved one or the pain of a break-up, can act as triggers for a desire for suicide.

Normally, we have all experienced painful situations that seem impossible to resolve in our livesbut by putting our priorities into perspective, we managed to overcome them, despite suffering.

So what predisposes people to lose this perspective and find no other way out of the difficulties of life than to commit suicide?

Depression and suicide

A mental illness related to this issue is depression. In addition to being one of the most prevalent diseases in the world, it specializes in creating negative emotional states that facilitate the behavioral execution of suicidal thoughts.

Depression affects the way people think about it, reducing and focusing the mind's attention on the negative side of situations and thoughts.

Often, people who think of taking their own lives, ignore the fact that they are plunged into a deep depression and that these constant suicidal thoughts are nothing more than a living reflection of their inner state.

Warning signs

In general, there are some signs that can alert us when a person is considering suicide. Here are some of them:

  • A persistent sadness that can not be explained. The person concerned is almost always on the verge of crying, but can not express his emotion at this act.
  • Changes in self-esteem, characterized mainly by depressive states in which the individual has a negative perception of himself.
  • Disturbances in usual behavior, such as sleep disorders and appetite.
    In the same way, the person is unable or it is very difficult for him to carry out simple daily tasks and socialization with the others.
    It often happens that families and friends get away from home, which is harder for them to perceive these symptoms.
  • Drug use to escape from reality, can be a way to forget the constant pain they are experiencing.

How to help someone who thinks about suicide?

The first step is to open a dialogue with someone with suicidal thoughts. It is important to be predisposed to listen without judging one's actions or thoughts.

One of the most important ways to achieve this is to convey to the person that we understand his emotions, and tell him that they are logical with the moment she is living. It is important for the person to maintain social contact, although it seeks to isolate themselves from it.

Another very important recommendation is tonever challenge the person who is considering suicide, because that will only exacerbate the desire to do so.

That a person said that she was going to commit suicide and did not do it does not mean that she has no value in doing so and that she will not do it. If we challenge it or we do not believe it, we will give it one more reason to act.

Of course, it is essential to seek professional help because psychiatrists and psychologists can provide the support that the person with suicidal tendencies urgently needs to solve his problems.

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