How to get rid of the negative internal dialogue?

How to get rid of the negative internal dialogue?

Have you already paid attention to the internal dialogue that is established in you? Do you know that this internal dialogue programs you and determines the image you have of yourself? In other words, you become what you are persuaded to be.

If you think yourself brave and strong, then you will end up being really brave and strong. On the other hand, if you tell yourself that you are weak and insignificant, then you will build a reality in which you will actually be weak and insignificant. Incredible, is not it?

Some tips to end the negative internal dialogue

There are a whole series of exercises that can help you focus on your "mental chatter" habits, and therefore free you from this negative internal dialogue.

First exercise: taking notes

The ideal is to indulge in this exercise one day when you are quiet and available. If you can not find yourself calm, it does not matter, do it anyway. Take a notebook and a pen so you can take notes at any time of the day.

Throughout the day, for example every hour, take note of the internal dialogue that is established in you. Once the time comes, stop doing what you are doing, use your memory and write down everything that has been said in you in the last two hours.The more your writings will be provided in detail, the better.

If you prefer to take notes without imposing specific time schedules to follow, you can do so spontaneously when you find yourself talking to yourself:take notes of everything you say about your physical appearance, your abilities, your intelligence, your dreams, your memories, your sorrows, your health, etc..

Second exercise: self-image

Do this exercise at night, in your bed. Here is an example: imagine that the next day you have to go to an important meetingfor example, a business meeting with important customers, with your boss, or your superiors, whose eyes will be on you and ears attentive to everything you say.

How do you imagine yourself in this situation? If you want to succeed in this exercise, you must relax, in order to be able to determine with serenity (and especially, with sincerity) what are the messages that are sent back to you.
You will see that by mentally representing the meeting and focusing your attention on you and you alone, you will undoubtedly perceive some ideas or concepts.
Make notes of everything you can from this dialogue that will be held in you.

Third exercise: rereading the notes

The next day, reread what you wrote in the two previous exercises, and try to see if there are common points or a common thread running through both texts. If there are any, what are the recurring elements? Detail them apart clearly and, once again, in writing.

Exercise Four: Determine and Qualify the Overall Tone of Your Internal Dialogue

After reviewing your notes, how would you describe the tone or character of your inner dialogue? Are you rather optimistic? Are you aware of your assets? Do you flatter yourself? Or on the contrary, are you pessimistic, do you tend to devalue yourself?
To try to know if you are rather realistic, or if on the other hand you tend to exaggerate, that is one way or the other.

Fifth exercise: determine what kind of friend you are for yourself?

Once again, review your writings from the first two exercises. In response to the messages you send to yourself throughout the day, ask yourself one thing: what kind of friend are you for yourself?
Remember that it is you who speak with yourself, every day, all the time.

If there was another person whispering these messages to you, in your opinion, how would you feel? What kind of atmosphere reigns in you everyday? Are you inspired by harmony, joy and well-being, or just the opposite? How does your internal dialogue affect your inner self?

The goal of these exercises is that you can be aware of the internal dialogue that is established in you, and this at every moment.

If you want to do this work on yourself and look at the messages that can affect your emotional, mental or even physical health, this is the first step: define the nature of your inner dialogue.
You will then be able to move calmly towards an internal transformation.

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