How to find inner silence in a noisy world

How to find inner silence in a noisy world

Inner silence is a very old concept havingregained its notoriety. Think of the noise of the world to understand what it is. The latter does not only refer to the shrill sounds we encounter daily in large cities. It is also linked to this multitude of elements that alter our tranquility.

We can therefore speak of an outer silence and an inner silence. Outside silence is the absence of sounds. This corresponds to these magnificent states in which the external noise disappears.The inner silence refers to a subjective state in which there are no elements disturbing the tranquility.

Both inner and outer silence offer great benefits to our brain. The absence of noise and the absence of stressful stimuli facilitate a unique form of rest. They revitalize us. They clarify the mind and moderate the emotions. There is nothing like silence to renew itself.

"All the problems of humanity come from the inability of man to sit alone and in silence in a room."
-Blaise Pascal-

Inner silence and contact with ourselves

One of the most difficult aspects of today's world is the bombardment of stimuliwe are exposed to. Most disturbing is that many of them are rushed or urgently borrowed. We hardly wake up and already have a lot of concerns in mind.

Technology absorbs a good part of our time. Because of our work and because we have developed addictions to social networks. They constitute a space of socialization and communication leading us to consult them permanently.

It is therefore virtually impossible to establish a truecontact with ourselves. For this we need spaces of inner silence. In other words, we should minimize this volume of stimuli and leave empty times that allow us to return to our own thoughts and emotions in order to listen to them.

Live in a noisy world

The inner and outer silence are interrelated. We now have a lot more hearing stimuli than before. We are constantly called out of ourselves by external noises. A screaming siren, a roaring engine or a sound announcing the arrival of a new message. All of this happens with an impressive density.

We sometimes feel the desire to go far away, in a place where there is no noise. Nothing like doing it if we have the opportunity. The problem is that this is often not possible because our commitments prevent us from doing so. We must not resign ourselves to this permanent burden.

There is no need to start practicing yoga or doing meditation exercises.Just reduce the number of stimuli received. Simplify our life. Eliminate the sense of obligation to everything and keep only the essential.

Listen to yourself and make contact

We are tense when we do not have moments of inner silence. And this tension turns into suffering with time. We live in suffering. It's not a way of life. We must learn to set limits to get out of this state. Limits to the stimuli we receive but also to the mandates we impose on ourselves.

The first limit to solve in the world today is technology.We spend a lot of time on our social networks and our emails. We believe that it is very beneficial to our lives. It is not so. They rob us of precious moments and prevent us from listening to ourselves.

A good idea is to have two cell phones. One for work, the other for personal matters. Once the day is over, we should turn off the business phone and turn it on again the next day. It is also useful to think, every day, what is the real contribution of our interactions in social networks. We will probably discover that they are very rare. This would encourage us to limit access.

We can hear what our body says only from the inner silence. His complaints, his warnings, his pleasures. We also haveneed this form of silence to rediscover and identify what we think and how we feel atabout our lives. Inner silence is a gift that we should not refuse.

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