How to fight emotional exhaustion?

How to fight emotional exhaustion?

Have you ever felt emotionally exhausted? We sometimes go through periods of stress, problems, personal and professional requirements. If all of this goes on in time, we can end up emotionally exhausted. Emotional exhaustion is an experience in whichthe person feels that they do not have the psychological means to cope with everyday life.She has accumulated so much fatigue that she feels weakened.

Emotional exhaustion arises when important life changes occur and when there is a history of problems or situations to resolve. This fatigue appears because we ask too much of our system of confrontation. Or do not give it time to recover amid all these challenges. In other words, having several problems or consecutive challenges exhausts us emotionally because we do not have time to rest and recharge our energy.

Emotional exhaustion is an experience in which the person feels that they do not have the psychological means to cope with everyday life. She is so tired on the mental plane that this exhaustion can become disabling.

So,emotional exhaustion gives the feeling of being constantly overwhelmed and overwhelmed by events. This feeling of being mentally fatigued is quite real and "objective".And prevents us from moving forward, as we can guess. The smallest task to be done turns into an extremely difficult task that requires great effort.

To get an idea of ​​emotional exhaustion (if you've never experienced it), you can do a visualization exercise: remember the tiredness you felt after accumulating several hours of work and imagine that this same type of day is repeated over and over again. You feel more and more tired, your performance is getting weaker and your thoughts more and more negative.

Since emotional exhaustion has harmful consequences for health,we will explain how to identify it and find out if you are experiencing this phenomenon. After that, we will give you clear and concise strategies to overcome this burnout.For these strategies to be effective, you must apply them consistently because there are no magic solutions.

How to detect emotional exhaustion?

To find out if you suffer from emotional exhaustion, you must first focus on the situations or problems that you have experienced during these last three / four / five months. Taking into consideration a fairly broad period of time is fundamental.Emotional exhaustion requires an accumulation of demands and stress. It may also appear once you have solved your problems or the storm has passed.So you have to determine if you have gone through a situation that has required a lot of resources or that has forced you to be constantly alert with a ton of thoughts in your head.

After that, you should self-observe and identify, if they exist, some of these symptoms:

  • Nervousness or discomfort most of the time
  • Somatizations more than twice a week: stomach upset, backache, neck pain or migraines
  • Concentration problems and memory loss, even for important things that you would never have forgotten or forgotten before
  • Lack of motivation and low morale
  • Feeling of no longer having strength and being overwhelmed by events
  • Sleep problems
  • Substance use (mostly alcohol and cannabis)
  • Hypersensitivity and irritability
  • Difficulty connecting to the here and now

What are the consequences of the here and now?

All of these symptoms that we have described will lead to serious problems if they are not treated in time.These problems can be: major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders (such as panic or generalized anxiety) and diseases such as ulcers or gastrointestinal problems.

Problems of self-esteem also appear because the person feels overwhelmed, forgets past successes and ceases to trust his abilities.In the shadow of emotional exhaustion, the feeling of incapacity increases. We feel too small in a world too big.

We therefore see that the consequences of emotional exhaustion can be serious. It is therefore important to know how to fight it.Here is a series of strategies to deal with it.

Problems of self-esteem also appear because the person feels overwhelmed, forgets past successes and ceases to trust his abilities.

Tips to fight emotional exhaustion

Mark your limits and responsibilities

The first strategy we will see to combat emotional exhaustion is related toneed to reorganize your vital structure.Yes, this organizational architecture that has brought you to where you are today. Surely you have already said "yes" at a time when you should have said no, not because you did not want but because you could not. You also probably said "no" to an opportunity that interested you a lot but that scared you so much that you pushed it aside. It is therefore time to recover your assertiveness and improve your self-esteem.

Set limits and give yourself opportunities. Allow yourself to fail.If you agree with this principle, you can take advantage of what chess brings you: an apprenticeship. So every challenge you face will never be an investment that only leads to losses. You will stop considering them that way and nurture a negative internal dialogue. The one who exhausts you enormously.

To combat emotional exhaustion, it is essential to learn to set limits and tolerate failures.

Look for moments to relax

To empty the bag of emotional exhaustion, you will have to pause and disconnect. You must have moments for yourself, to have fun and reconnect to your personal needs.A good idea may be to meet up with your friends or family and have a good time with them.

However, try not to talk about your problems or your exhaustion for more than 15 minutes.Give space to these people so that they can also express themselves. And also share news and positive stories.

Make a list of your personal priorities

Try to prioritize. Focus only on one at a time.It is very important that you stop doing several things at the same time because it depletes your mind.To fight emotional exhaustion, you must stop asking too much of it in your mind.

Allow yourself to do one thing. Put off tomorrow what you can not do today. For this strategy to work, realistically organize all the tasks you need to do. Rely on their priority, not just what others expect of you.

It is important to stop doing several things at once if you want to fight emotional exhaustion.

Learn to express your emotions therapeutically

Being able to express your emotions in a therapeutic way means a little more than "saying how you feel". We are referring more to a quality addition in this communication to facilitate the empathy of others. So, keeping an emotional journal can be very helpful. It will help you express yourself and get rid of your thoughts.

The emotional journal is a way to separate yourself from your thoughts, to free yourself and to fight emotional exhaustion.Remember that if you do not express your negative emotions like sadness or anger, these can be retroactive.For example, if you are sad, you may feel even sadder if you feel that others do not understand you.

Finally, if you are trying to fight emotional exhaustion and do not succeed, ask for help. You can consult a professional who will make an assessment and will guide you to strategies to use.Emotional exhaustion is a risk to physical and mental health, we must know how to fight it.

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