How to develop my skills adequately?

How to develop my skills adequately?

Many things have already been said about skills. However, do we really know what they represent? It would be possible to define them asthe abilities a person possesses to achieve a goal.

Abilities also refer to the psychological field as well as the physical or bodily domain.We can talk about genetically conditioned skills and others that have been planted and cultivated by our environment. Some people are born with great talent for special work and others are able to develop these skills through deliberate training and practice.

There are innate skills and learned skills

We all have innate abilities.From a very young age, some people have an ideal physical constitution to practice a sport or have artistic, social, intellectual, etc. skills.

If these skills are not sufficiently developed, they will not condition the life of the person.Thus, for example, we find people naturally gifted for a specific activity but who have never thought of dedicating themselves to it or developing it in depth. At that moment, we have the sensation of standing in front of a talent that, in a way, is wasted.

At other times, the initial abilities are hindered byvarious vital factors.These factors can for example be traumas, physical or psychological deficiencies or simply age. As we see, abilities can deteriorate.

The development of individual skills

In practice, the development of different individual abilities is conditioned by circumstances that operate within three fundamental lines. These lines are:Proportionality with trends, consistency and polarization.

Skills come to be instruments of tendencies because, ultimately, they represent the more or less high capacity to achieve a concrete goal.When we talk about trends, we are referring to what we want to achieve.

When the goal of the trends adjusts to our abilities, it means that we will probably be able to reach it.In this case, we say that we act realistically, scoring goals that, through effort, can be achieved. At the same time, on this path to the defined goal, we will develop all this potential related to our responsibility in achieving the goal.

All of this leads us to try to reach bigger and bigger goals, because gradually we will actually be able to achieve them. It is therefore importantto set concrete goals in the short term. Goals that match our potential.

On the contrary,if the objectives are poorly proportioned to our abilities, the risk of failure will be greater.We will therefore tend to feel frustrated and want to give up. On the other hand, if the objectives are too simple, we will not develop our skills enough. We will reach a level below that which corresponds to us.

We must therefore know our abilities. Once we know them, we will have to maintain them.

Consistency is fundamental in developing our abilities

Consistency is also an important factor. The long-term goals are always full of stumbling, great progress and failure. Moments of faith and despair in which we have the impression of sinking into inertia.

One way to increase consistency and support this inertia isto remember why we are pursuing this goal.This is essential so that the obstacles do not exceed our motivation.

Let us remember the need to polarize our efforts in a specific direction. It's better than our skillsoriented towards objectives that are in concrete fields.Generally, these fields correspond to the professional field.

The dispersal of objectives is an obstacle to their realization.Our time is limited and we have no choice but to make a decision and choose the skills we want to develop, to the detriment of some. Very often, the range of options ends up blocking the person. She loses herself in the midst of what she wants, what is better for her, what others want and what they think is best for her.

We are not talking about an exaggerated specializationbut rather an intelligent direction of efforts towards a determined field to be able to deepen it. Deepening different areas, with the amount of knowledge we absorb each day, is an almost impossible task. Even if our humanist spirit is immense.

As we have seen, the development of skills depends onProportionality with trends, consistency and polarization.If we take these factors into account, we can develop our skills intelligently and make the most of our potential.

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