How to breathe during delivery?

How to breathe during delivery?

Childbirth is probablythe phase that generates the most fears during a pregnancy, especially when it comes to the first. Fortunately, there are training and preparation workshops in which the pregnant woman learns to regulate her breathing over time to lessen the pain, as well as to obtain realistic information about what can happen.

Breathing techniques during delivery are therefore very beneficial for the mother and the baby. It has been shown that relaxation techniques, including breathing,reduce the stress and likelihood of having to go to assisted delivery. They also ensure that the baby receives enough oxygen during delivery. It is therefore appropriate to practice them.

Many doctors and midwives consider thatthese exercises can help channel anxiety and make the process less difficult and frightening for future moms. Studies confirm that breathing is a fundamental foundation for any future mother. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers that breathing techniques are the only way for women to suffer less and reduce tension.

Rhythmic breathing during childbirth maximizes the amount of oxygen available to the mother and the baby. Breathing techniques can also help cope with the pain of contractions. Breathing can seem very simple and obvious. It is hard to believe that it can have a significant impact on the overwhelming feelings that come with childbirth. Breathing is essential, however, to reduce the impact of contractions.

Techniques for breathing during childbirth

Breathing Techniques During Delivery Can Help Control Pain. They can at least help overcome it. You must first find a model that works for you. Then practice breathing. You will be as well prepared as possible when the delivery work begins.

Here is our proposal of breathing techniques during labor:

Blowing a candle

Breathe deeply when a contraction appears, then dispel the pain in short breaths. Visualize a candle in front of you, which you will extinguish with the breath.

The golden thread

Start by inhaling deeply through the nose with the beginning of the contraction.Then breathe gently through your mouth, visualizing the exit of the breath as a golden thread that turns and moves away from you as you exhale, thus removing the pain.

Counting the breath

Count to 3 while you breathe. Then exhale counting to 5.The goal is to regulate your breathing and give you a reason to focus. Women who need more distraction can do so in a foreign language or count down.

"The moment of birth is the most beautiful thing in life, the pain and the joy come together for a moment."
-Madline Tiger-

Avoid hyperventilation

Breathing too fast or expelling too much carbon dioxide can causedizziness and tingling sensation in the fingers and toes.

Some future moms tend to hyperventilate during the peak of intense contractions and need to be reminded of the tips to relax their breathing. If you start hyperventilating, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth as slowly as possible.

The relax technique

This method works both psychologically and physically.The word "relax", which has two syllables "re" and "lax" must be repeated in your mind while you breathe.When you inhale, think "re" in your mind, and when you exhale, "lax".

Let your mind focus on the second syllable "lax" of exhalation and extend it more than during inspiration. We are convinced thatyou will feel your body and muscles tense release tension when you exhale with this method.

Have your spouse's support

It is advisable, at this particular moment, to have the help of your spouse (or, failing that, a trusted person) to give you a hand with breathing techniques during work. One of his most important tasks will be to remind you to reduce speed if you start breathing too quickly in response to a sharp contraction. Ideally, it will help you to take slow, relaxed breaths.

You should speak to this person beforehand about the breathing technique during delivery that you would like to use. She will be responsible for remembering the model of breathing each time you feel a contraction and you will tend to change.

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