How to acquire emotional strength

How to acquire emotional strength

The emotional force is partly innate, but you should know that the thought structure can help develop it.

It is enough for us to ask a few questions to a person to realize his weakness or inner strength. Anyone who thinks weakly and fearfully will be weak and emotionally scared becausethoughts turn into emotions.

Thus, the equivalent equation looks more or less like:
Sad and negative thinking = weak emotions

Take the time to analyze your thinking and you will see that it corresponds to your emotions. Facing a difficult situation by doubting oneself, being scared and harboring pessimistic thoughts is completely different than facing the same situation armed with encouraging thoughts like "everything will be fine", "I believe in myself", " I can do it! ", etc …

If you want to gain emotional strength, you must start by adopting a strong, positive and winning way of thinking.

You want to be a winner? So you must first think like a winner!

Developing positive emotions through thought is possible, but that requires practice. However, you can start to feel them easily thanks to short sentences that you will have to repeat yourself in your heart all day long.

To begin, train yourself a day when your mind is free of any negative thought,for as soon as you get up, you must think as if everything were going well, as if you had an implacable desire to enjoy life without any apprehension.

Act and behave as you would like to be deep inside yourself, and little by little you will become that person.

Open the curtains as you get up, and repeat in your head "Today is going to be an amazing day!" Look at yourself in the mirror, and say "I trust you, you can do everything, just believe it"!

Starting your day this way is like laying the first grain of sand that will turn into a desert over time. Say goodbye to pessimism, victimization, complaints, criticism, and reach for safety, motivation and happiness.

You've probably seen, if not on television, sports coaches motivate their team. They give them the urge to fight, win and give everything they have. These coaches use motivational phrases, and these are the ones that often make the difference and help win the battles.

Become your own personal coach.When you have to deal with a situation that makes you feel weak, think "Go, I'm going, get up, get motivated, you can do it, you'll get there, you're strong."

All that glitters is not gold

All of these positive thoughts and phrases are extremely beneficial to our mental health, but remember that they will not work wonders on someone who has domestic problems such as insecurity, shyness, etc.

If it is true that they can be of great help,as a temporary sedative,they will only be used in those moments when you think positively, because as soon as you stop training your mind and use those phrases, insecurity will reappear.

That is whyit is recommended to use this technique as a complement,but always trying to treat the problem by the root.

This technique could be compared to drugs. Take for example a person eaten up by anxiety; a simple sedative will help for a few hours, but as soon as it stops working, the problem will come back.

To relieve real anxiety, it is necessary for a professional to unearth the root of the problem, whether conscious or unconscious, and to wipe out those unhealthy emotions that prevent the patient from enjoying a good emotional state.

Images courtesy of Jesus Solana and Alba Soler

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