How does insecurity at work affect our health?

How does insecurity at work affect our health?

In recent years,many countries have suffered from an economic recession, the ups and downs of the system.One of the most common results is insecurity at work. The decrease in fixed work and the increase in part-time contracts affects the working population, especially the youngest and oldest. Some are discriminated against by their lack of experience, while others suffer from this problem because of their age.

This situation produces instability in the lives of a large number of people.Very often, it prevents them from following the career they would like or leads them to postpone their plans: to have children, to buy a house, to travel … In most cases, the frustration produced by insecurity at work affects health both physical and psychological.

What causes insecurity at work

Insecurity at work can be caused by a variety of factors. Low wages, for example, prevent people from meeting their basic needs. This often gives rise tostressful situations every time you have to deal with the expense of money.The relationship between work and the worker's interests is also an important factor. Those who do not work in the field they studied or for which they were trained, consider their work unsatisfactory. Contracts of low quality (determined, part-time or even a few hours) greatly strengthen the anxiety of the individual.

Anxiety is the result of overexposure to stress or too many negative expectations about the future. It manifests itself whencortisol levels increase significantly in the bloodand in a prolonged way. This can lead to the development of disease, poor quality sleep or other types of disorders.

Otherwise,stress can result from poor safety conditions in the work environment.Construction-related work still has a high mortality rate, which creates stress for employees. They are often exposed to hazards that oscillate between machine load or heavy objects and exposure to chemical or very hot agents. We can also find a danger in the structure of buildings, where there is no safety harness. Or in the mines, where workers expose themselves to toxic gases or lack of oxygen.

The solution to insecurity at work

It is obvious that the correct financing of projects that involve a certain degree of danger is necessary.This economic injection results in better machines, combinations appropriate to working conditions or better funded unions to bring benefits to workers.

In the majority of cases, especially when working for someone else,the worker can hardly influence these economic decisions. This can make him feel more dissatisfied.Affiliations to union groups related to the work done can therefore be beneficial.

What can we do to improve this situation?

As individuals, we can not exert too much influence on the economic points.Our field of action is thus limited to the individual and collective domain.At the collective level, the most effective is to form a group that shares ideas about needs and improvements in the workspace. At the individual level, we can cope with stress or anxiety in a healthier way.

  • Identify the cause of insecurity:as we have seen, not all causes of insecurity at work are alike. They may be due to inefficient machines, toxic agents, harassment … Before acting, it is important to identify the cause of our anxiety because it will quickly need a solution.
  • Establish priorities:the stress levels of a person who is insecure at work are higher than those of another person. We will try to avoid other unnecessary situations of stress. Certain elements of our lives are neither necessary nor fundamental: we must move away from them to maintain a certain tranquility.
  • Do not drown ourselves in self-criticism: some results of our work do not depend on us. Accepting the fact that perfection is not always within our reach will help us calm down. Because we are sometimes our worst critics.

Positive thinking will help us deal with situations like these. Much of our stress is controllable if we know how to do it.Nevertheless, if we find ourselves in an extreme situation, it may be time to ask ourselves if it is really necessary to continue to lose in quality of life. It may also be worth asking for help. Dare to make changes to improve your health!

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