How do trackers act?

How do trackers act?

Psychologists have analyzed the profiles of different stalkers, because they do not all act with the same degree of persecution. In addition, they can have only one victim, or several.

You've probably heard of bullying or cyberbullying, which is harassing someone over the Internet for a particular reason, be it concrete or random.

To a slightly higher degree are the "trackers" ("stalkers", in English). This term refers to people who watch, pursue and physically track their victim (or victims). He seeks to be present at every moment, even interfering too much in the life of their victim.

From a psychological point of view, we can say that these stalkers play with malice, obsession, malice, hostility, anger, jealousy or guilt.

The goal of a tracker is to gain access to a person he loves or wants him to like, even if everything is against him. By terrifying his victim, he grabs every aspect of his life and things can really end badly.

Psychologists distinguish two major groups of trackers: psychotics and non-psychotics. This means that these stalkers usually have mental disorders or imbalances.

The subcategories are as follows:

  • The rejected he pursues his victim with the intention of avenging himself for having been rejected; for example, when a girl refuses to go out with a boy.
  • The spiteful : its goal is to scare the victim following an event that happened between the two. It may be jealousy or rejection, but it is not systematic.
  • The lover : in this category, the tracker is convinced that the victim is his soulmate, the love of his life and that they must live and even die together.
  • The suitor : lack of social skills, introversion, belief that it is his duty to be more intimate with anyone sharing the same interests or tastes as him, etc. In the majority of cases, the victim is already involved in a stable relationship.
  • The predator : he spends 24 hours a day watching his victim, hanging on his every move. He remembers each trip from memory, he knows the places and people that he frequents, and can even get to trash trash or drawers, all in order to find the perfect time to attack (often sexually).

Am I the victim of a stalker or stalker?

To realize that one is hunted is more complicated than it seems, especially if the person is skilled and evolves in public environments. Contrary to what one might think, the tracker can have a life that, at first sight, seems "normal ".

Furthermore, he is generally aware that his behavior is not well regarded in society and he will therefore make sure that there are no witnesses when he comes near his victim, or he will change his behavior when there is.

Once you take a closer look at these trackers, you will discover that they have an important emotional imbalance: they are anxious, do not trust them, suffer from insecurity, are jealous and morbid.

They can also abuse drugs and suffer significant mood changes.

Be alert to these signals to know if you are tracked by someone :

1 – You frequently receive calls from someone who is trying to establish a more intimate relationship and wants to be part of your life in a way that does not suit you.

2 – You cross the same person all the time in the places where you go often: supermarket, cafeteria, hairdresser, several times in the street, etc.

3 – The person who follows you has come to threaten you, whether verbally or through different actions.

4 – This person is always above you and takes certain liberties towards you that you would only accept from someone with whom you have a very intimate relationship.

5 – A person pretends in front of your social circle that you have a relationship with her, much more intimate than she is in reality.

Be very careful about these situations! And if you recognize yourself in one or more of these signals, the best and talk to people you trust and notify the authorities who handle this kind of case!

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