Habits that reduce your IQ

Habits that reduce your IQ

There are a series of habits that reduce your intelligence quotient and are probably present in your routine.These are acts that seem innocuous or seemingly unrelated to your intellectual level.However, science has verified that they have a strong impact on how your brain works.

Habits that reduce your IQ are related to the way you feed yourself and the lifestyle you lead.Research has shown that some actions, performed in a systematic way, affect cognitive abilities.

It should be remembered that the intelligence quotient is a "measure of intelligence" obtained through the performance of psychometric tests.Even if everyone does not agree with this metric or with the implications that derive from it, it is obvious that those who follow certain habits get weaker results. Now, what are these habits that reduce your intelligence quotient?

"Plato said that the good are those who are content to dream what the wicked actually do."

-Sigmund Freud-

Consume too much saturated fat

Saturated fats are the big protagonists in many of the foods that are within our reach. We find them in dairy products, fatty meats and charcuterie. Science has discovered thatthis type of food affects the cardiovascular system. They increase the "bad cholesterol"by hindering the functioning of our circulatory system.

The consequence is thatthe blood flow is reduced. So there is less oxygen reaching the brain and the functioning of the brain is deteriorating.Saturated fats interfere with much of the essential process. They also alter the mood by allowing the development of negative emotions such as sadness.

Practice multitasking, one of the habits that reduce your intelligence quotient

In theMassachusetts Institute of Technology,a study led by neuroscientist Earl Miller was conducted.She focused on the effects of work with split attention, as happens when we work in multitasking mode.The conclusions were extremely clear.

The study indicated that the brain is not made to perform multiple tasks at once. People have the illusion of doing several things at the same time, but in reality, from a cognitive point of view, the process is always sequential. And the price is high in terms of good intellectual functioning.

Too much watching TV

Television is a very popular entertainment object. And without a doubt one of the most economical, which is within the reach of all. It generates a feeling of rest because wedo not have to use a lot of physical or mental resources to follow what's happening on the screen.

However, the price to pay can be quite heavy. Too much watching TV is one of the habits that reduce your intelligence quotient.It does not just make you passive: one way or another, it puts your brain to sleep.

Do not enjoy quality sleep

Quality sleep is one of the habits essential to our good mental functioning. A good sleep allows the rest time to be optimized at the level of its recuperative power.

Studies tell us that those who do not sleep enough and do not have a good quality of sleep get tired more quickly when they perform a task. They commit more mistakes and are more emotionally unstable. On the other hand, they are able to get angry or angry with a weaker or sustained stimulation over time.

In the same way,it has been proven that sleeping more allows us to learn better.We have less trouble concentrating and we have more willpower.

Consume too much sugar

Sugar, in large quantities, is another enemy of the proper functioning of the brain. A search revealed thatif a person maintains a high sugar intake for six weeks, his ability to learn and memorize will be damaged.It is not for nothing that dementia has a greater impact in people with diabetes.

The same study showed that fruits with too much fructose can produce the same effect. Be careful, the consumption of sugar is not bad in itself. In fact, it's the main food of our brain. The problem appears when we consume too much.

All of these habits we have just mentioned reduce your intelligence quotient. Therefore, the best thing to do is tocontrol them. They must not remain habits but become sporadic actions.It is not a question of following a draconian diet but of taking care of yourself to have a healthier life.

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