Gru: the redemption of the wicked

Gru: the redemption of the wicked

Me, ugly and nastyis a cartoon of Universal Pictures. The main character is Gru, the greatest of the wicked.All his life, Gru sought to be accepted.To achieve his goal, he decided to turn into a super-villain.

No matter how bad he can do on this path: he wants to become the biggest villain in the world.One day, his rival, Vector, surpasses Gru by stealing a pyramid from Egypt. Their competition begins then. Gru is developing a plan to obtain a narrowing radius of a government facility.

Gru's plan is to use the shrinking radius to steal the moon.This flight would catapult him to the top and he would be recognized as the best villain. However, things are not going the way they want.Vector manages to steal his weapon.What can a criminal brain do? Find another plan, of course.

Gru's new malicious plan involves three orphan girls.They will serve him as spies. Thanks to them, he plans to infiltrate Vector when they knock on his door to sell him biscuits. He can then take advantage of this moment to resume the narrowing radius.

However,Gru begins to feel affection for the little girls he seeks to use in his plan.This love makes him change. In principle, Gru does not represent an adequate father at all. But as the cartoon progresses, his life as a villain is altered by his new routine. The man has to adjust his plans to the dynamics of the children: dance classes, eating habits … Gru's malicious plans are therefore put in the background.

A single father

It is rare to see, in a cartoon, a single father described with such a positive light.If Gru has a vocation of "villain", beautiful moments of tenderness take place between him and the small ones. This sensation is reinforced by the softness and fragility of the girls who contrast with the "malevolence" and the large size of Gru.

Many single fathers have to reconcile their homework with the attention and care of their children. Just like them, in the film, Gru manages to do his job, even if it is to be mean.Like all single fathers, Gru has difficult times when he has trouble caring for little girls without neglecting his work.The big day of the moon flight coincides with the date of the girls' dance show.

Gru decides to put his work before the show and this gives Vector the opportunity to kidnap children.Gru tries to find a balance between work and homeby recovering the three small ones.

The redemption of a villain

At the end of the story, the Moon returns to its normal size and resumes its place in the sky.Gru, who feels guilty, seeks his redemption.To correct himself, he decides to make the big pyramid that Vector had stolen. Gru fully accepts his love for children and embraces them.The biggest villain in the world therefore decides to have a family.

The redemption of Gru goes through regrets. He seeks the forgiveness of the little girls, to whom he has harmed, and to compensate society for all his deeds.Redemption implies freedom from guilt and pain.

The need for redemption is real and powerful for the victims and the tormentors. During the healing process, both need to know that they are worthy of love, kindness and compassion. We will not only find that in redemption butwe can heal and free ourselves through forgiveness.

The transition from good to bad

The general message of the film is that even a person considered "malicious" can change his mind.Me, ugly and nastyis a cartoon different from the others. In general,most children's movies describe good and bad as absolute.

For many viewers, the transition of a character – between good and bad – is very difficult to accept. At the same time, it is one of the most rewarding transitions for this audience that is immersed in history.

In cartoons or children's films, the "villain" often has to make a heroic sacrifice at the end of the story.He usually dies during this process.Even if it's a good end for the public, it does not give the character a chance to change.InI, ugly and nasty,Gru receives forgiveness from little girls after sincere regrets and a change of attitude. Children are a good influence for the "bad guy".

Gru, a bad example of adoptive father

Even while being exposed to the risk of losing the love of his daughters, Gru persists in following the path of evil.The changes he makes obey egoistic reasons.Curiously, although he returns the stolen objects, Gru does not say goodbye to his misdeeds. He does not dismiss his workers, the Minions.

In this way, the future profession of Gru remains in a situation of ambivalence. The viewer may assume that this character's new family life will prevent him from continuing his misdeeds. However, this message is not at all clear in the film.An important aspect of this story is that all the characters seem to forgive Gru's malevolence.In spite of his bad behavior and even as he has used little girls, everyone forgives him for his actions.

Adoption is a delicate subject that the cartoon does not deepen.Me, ugly and nastyshows how orphaned children could be used to be abandoned again. Gru's bad actions and his behavior with children should make some characters think. In this film, it might have been more realistic that some people do not forgive Gru so quickly.

To equate forgiveness with a happy ending can be unfair to the victims of the real world.This sort of end gives the impression that the price of misdeeds is not well adjusted to reality. In fact, the biggest critics ofMe, ugly and nastywere carried out by families with adopted children.

But despite the critics, the stories of redemption are fun, rewarding and popular with viewers.We all want to believe that anyone in any situation can take control of their lives.This is indeed possible, with effort and persistence.

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