Give me a reason and I will rise again

Give me a reason and I will rise again

"The most beautiful people are those who have experienced defeat, suffering, struggle, loss, and who have found their way into the depths. These people have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, humility, care and love. We do not become a beautiful person by chance. "
Elisabeth Kübler- Ross

We have all experienced moments in which we feel that the whole weight of the world weighs on our shoulders.

Moreover, we have probably already observed this phenomenon in others, especially on their faces, through their gestures, their hands, their pride and the halo of suffering that emanates from their souls.

In these moments, you have been able to see the ability of people to be quiet and let down, while others find an excuse to lean on.

Some people find in them a fulcrum and appear with a bright smile an expert player, who knows how to keep his best card to tip the scales on his side. Although all announced losers, they reach their goal.

These people are not especially strong and do not hide their feelings and their suffering either. They have one or more reasons to love life deeply.

The reasons of these people respond to reasonings and wishes that they expose at the moment of the final judgment with the purity of the one who knows how to summarize life in a few words.

Reasoning that pushes them to fight to live in a truly sincere way when they are plunged into the abyss and they suffer unbearably.

These people murmur a cry of hope that breaks the temptation, the hidden devil who claims his abandonment and this deceptive peace of authorizing defeat.

In these moments, these people think, just like you and me, that the easiest way is to close your eyes and let yourself down. They too want to abandon themselves in the hope that eventually they will find a place to take refuge to regain strength.

For many people, it is very difficult to find this point of support. Imagine a single mother with two dependent children who is unemployed and can not find work.

At first, she will look for work with a hint of illusion that has not been damaged in the past. However, if she does not find work, this illusion will disappear and she will ask herself: why continue to fight every day if every day I go to bed with the same result as when I get up?

Afterwards, she will think of her children, and of love capable of going beyond the mental limits to which she would like to yield. She will then think that there is no other way out and that she will never be able to surrender when the bravest beings in the world still depend on her.

Moreover, curiously, in this kind of situation, a way of thinking called "the deception of the player". What is this mistaken belief?

The person who acts under the effects of this kind of reasoning thinks, just like a card player, that having already had many bad luck experiences increases the likelihood that chance will go in his direction next time.

It is precisely this poor estimate of probability that keeps hope alive and strengthens the struggle.

Sometimes we build this point of support by means of sacrifices. It happens when we think of everything we have invested to get to that point and wheneverything that we have built becomes precisely the reason that allows us to give up.

In this sense we think we have already assessed the risks of the path we have chosen. At the moment when we decided to accept it as our destiny, it is already one of our greatest victories or one of our most important failures.

In one form or another, these invisible, heartbreaking and sincere supports are those that keep our hearts alive when they are attacked by the cold and when they even seem to attack our bones.

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