Get out of your mind and enter your life

Get out of your mind and enter your life

This question may seem odd to you, but: live in your mind or in the present ? Because it seems that between past and future, we end up forgetting the most important: here and now. The majority of us live on autopilot, between yesterday and tomorrow, between what is not finished and what will be done later.

Living in our minds, imprisoned by concerns and expectations, generates in us a sense of unease because we depend on our thoughts. For that, we feel alone when we stumble on the reality of our existence. The problem is that there is no magic formula that can solve this quickly. The secret to starting to live really is in these words: get out of your mind.

To understand this profound message, we can consider our mind as one of our comfort zones. It can also be considered as the assortment of thoughts that we collect and which prevents us from becoming aware of the present. This mental noise constantly distracts us and forces us to live in the past or the future.

Get out of your mind with mindfulness

One of the most recommended methods to leave our mental prison is to practice mindfulness. This discipline is not about sitting down, sitting down and painting our white spirit. You certainly have already tried something similar thinking that it was useless.

For those who do not dominate mindfulness, thoughts accumulate, deceive and shout from the bottom of the mind: "Fool, you can not stop thinking." This is generally what happens at the beginning of the practice. It is certain that we are not used to letting our thoughts go naturally in our mind without judging and retaining them … We are not used to having them and to focus on the here and now as they come and go.

Although it is difficult to get there, once we have succeeded we will understand what the phrase refers to: get out of your mind. When you stop judging your thoughts and that you will observe them as if you are watching a movie, you will let your reality slip by and your vision will be much clearer. Start to see the truth.

"To be conscious is to abandon judgments for a while, to leave aside our immediate objectives for the future, to take the present moment as it is and not as we would like it to be."

-Mark Williams-

Life is the present

When did you take the time to breathe fresh air for the last time? Do you remember being grateful for the hot water you can enjoy every morning when you wake up? Certainly this is not the case because your mind was focused on "I arrive late to work", "After that I have to go get the children to work", "What do I have to to buy more? "…

Be aware that your mind is full of thoughts about the past and the future. The present is then ignored rather blatantly. You create the stress you suffer with your thoughts. Many of the problems you have are created by your mental activity. You anticipate. None of this is real. Until that happens, until it is present, you live in your imagination.

For that, get out of your mind. Get out of there urgently. Give yourself time for yourself to wipe away this set of thoughts that do not allow you to enjoy and that make you feel emotions that make you uncomfortable.

It's like when we feel fear or anguish for no reason. Is there really something we have to flee or escape? No ! But in our mind, we create our movies and we create them as long as we consider them real.

"There are only two days in the year when we can do nothing, one is called yesterday and the other tomorrow, so today is the day to love, grow, do and live. "

-Dalai Lama-

Feel free to live

So get out of your mind and dare to live, dare to wait until things happen to you instead of anticipating them. Stop remembering the past, do not do it in the present because it is not part of the present moment. Experiment daily as if you were breathing fresh air, drinking water, and enjoying a delicious meal for the first time.

Be aware of the majority of moments in your life, every moment of your life, even when you work. Do you realize how your fingers brush the keyboard? Do you realize how your legs support you and allow you to go from one side to the other? Connect with your life, connect with yourself and get out of your mind once and for all.

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