Friendliness, a force that can knock down any wall

Friendliness, a force that can knock down any wall

Currently, it seems thatfriendliness has become a species in danger of extinction.Especially in big cities. This has an anthropological explanation: large concentrations of population generate higher tensions and favor impersonal relationships. In fact, it is one of those factors that complicate psychological and emotional health in these spaces.

There are many places where, for example, greeting your neighbor has become something strange. This gesture is assumed to be a waste of time or superfluous flattery. Everyone thinks only of themselves. In this type of place,we do not give importance to the gestures of friendliness of others.You will not be surprised to know that people who live there develop problems related to anxiety, depression or have a hard time adopting positive attitudes.

"Kindness is like a cushion, even if there is nothing in it, at least it cushions bad shots."

-Arthur Schopenhauer-

These little loving gestures are sometimes lost even within families, because of daily contact and excessive trust. Now, expressions of kindness are not a luxury but a lifestyle that is imprinted in the relationships of others. They nourish positive emotions and protect us from negatives.

The gene of amiability

Science has shown that we all come into the world with the gene of amiability.In other words, we are a species that needs others to survive. And we carry the organic mark. Altruism and cooperation were decisive for the evolution of the human being.

Some studies have shown that after 6 months, children are already showing good behavior with others.They choose to close or to open to other people. They also decide to interact and be generous and are very receptive to expressions of kindness.

Therefore, being nice to others is something natural.The lack of friendliness is the result of a civilization that promotes individualism to the extreme.We go against our heart when we consider others as complete strangers who have nothing to do with us.

Friendliness is a strength

Friendliness is an extremely elaborate attitude. It involves self-control, trust, empathy, respect for othersand a certain awareness of the relationship that exists between the individual and the group. It's also a huge force in social relationships. We earn much more to be kind than to be indolent or dry in our exchanges.

A kind person is someone who has a developed emotional intelligence. And it is this kind of attitude that is transmitted.A kind person usually generates kindness and goodwill around her.This is a great way to prevent conflict or to gain a large dimension.

Friendliness promotes good character. It involves expressing your affection and consideration for others, without neglecting us. This attitude can calm an angry person and comfort a sad person.It's not for nothing ifkindnesscomes from Latinamabilis,which means worthy of being loved.

The benefits of friendliness

If we start from the fact that we are social beings and naturally predisposed to cooperate with others,it is not a question of learning to be kind but to forget the behaviors of hostility or indifference.It's worth it.

The benefits of friendliness are enormous.Here are a few :

  • It protects the physical health.A kind person enters into less conflict with others and with the world. This, in the brain, results in a lower production of cortisol. Oxytocin, on the other hand, which is nicknamed the hormone of "happiness", increases.
  • It preserves mental health.Being kind to others helps to stabilize our mood and prevent states of stress and anxiety. The acts of kindness make us feel better about ourselves. They make us safer.
  • It helps to develop good social relationships.Friendliness prevents us from confining ourselves and helps us to bond with others. It feeds social environments to be more collaborative and welcoming.
  • It is a mechanism to protect against the "bad vibrations" of others.Friendliness has the power to disable negative attitudes of others. Thus, it represents a barrier and an effective response against aggression and rejection.

Before concluding, it is important to clarify one thing.Being kind does not mean being servile.It does not mean that you have to get used to "pulling the other cheek".Friendliness is a style of behavior and communication that reaffirms people. It just means not being insensitive to others.

Practicing kindness does not cost anything, but is worth a lot

Practicing kindness costs nothing but changes many things and will bring you unexpected satisfactions. Here, we invite you to think about that. Learn more
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