Free your mind!

Free your mind!

The brain is a very powerful machine, and you certainly do not suspect the strength you have. Use it wisely, and free your mind of things that hurt you.

The animals live totally in the present and take full advantage of every minute. We human beings have the ability to reason, to remember past times, to care about the future. In theory, we are very privileged, but it can also play tricks on us and prevent us from being happy. We must free our minds from all that is superfluous.

The keys to free your mind

1. Stop thinking about the past

How many times do we think about the past, do we remember the mistakes we made, do we assume that if we had made other decisions, today would be better days?

To think too much about the past, we take the risk of forgetting the present. Like it or not, the past is behind us, and it will be nice to think and say that we could have done otherwise, nothing will change so far. The past must be approached with a positive approach.

We did the best, made the decisions we thought were best, and even though we made mistakes, we still learned from them.

We tend to think we would be better if we had made other choices, but in reality, if we had made other decisions, things could have been much worse. Since we can not guess what could have happened, the best is to look forward.

Release your spirit from the past.

2. Do not worry about the future

Thinking of the future to make some decisions can be a good thing. But just like the past, you have no control over the future and you can not predict it. Life is full of surprises, and we can not know what tomorrow will be like.

The best, so it's about living in the present, because it's the only time you can really live. Live the moment, because every minute that has passed already belongs to the past. Thoughts of the past and concern for the future can only paralyze us. You must value and appreciate everything around you.
Do you know that when you think about the past or the future, you lose the precious time of the present, stop living "today" to relive "yesterday" or anticipate "tomorrow".

The only life that can be lived is the one you have here and now. Open your eyes and pay attention to everything around you, enjoy every little thing in life.

3. Detach Labels, Old Traditions, Beliefs and Standards

Free your mind of all the customs that have been instilled in you throughout your life. For example, the tradition says that to be "normal and valid", you have to marry, to found a family, to study … And if you do not follow this path, then you are the "rebel, the black sheep of the family ".

Many of us follow literally the norms that govern society, without even realizing it.
You have to listen to yourself. Do what you want with your life, you do not have to submit to any boss, the answers are in you.

As long as you do not harm anyone, your life is yours and you are the master. Make the decisions that are most likely to make you happy, do not be fooled into following a pattern you've been taught.
Advertising and the consumer society system too want to make you believe that you need to buy such and such product, that you need to have the smartphone, the laptop, or the trendy MP3 player.

And if you do not have this object, then everything is done so that you feel ejected from the modern society.
Someone who frees his mind gives little importance to others. He does not care about being at the cutting edge of technology, and does not necessarily want to wear designer clothes. His life boils down to what he really likes, he is not a sheep who stupidly follows the flock.

While you're wasting time hoping for an incredible event to happen, life does not wait for you to scroll. So, live the moment, and do not let your mind distract you.

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