Four yoga asanas to sleep well

Four yoga asanas to sleep well

Insomnia is one of the problems that most affects Westerners. Due to factors such as stress, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyles, many people have trouble sleeping as much or as much as they need. In addition to causing discomfort in everyday life, these sleep problems also have negative effects on physical and mental health.

In recent times, all sorts of solutions have emerged to try to solve the problem of insomnia. Thus, we find recommendations to take infusions before sleeping, drugs that supposedly solve so-called lack of sleep. However, one of the approaches showing the most efficiencyto sleep well are the yoga asanas.

What is an asana yoga?

Asanas are yoga postures designed to have beneficial effects on the body and mind. This discipline has been practiced for thousands of years in Asian countries and is gaining popularity in Europe lately. In theory, he mixes the benefits of meditation with physical exercise; and by that, can be a very powerful ally against insomnia.

Positions in yoga have the property of requiring a lot of quietness, slow and tired movements. Therefore, and because it is necessary to focus all the attention on the body, it is a very relaxing exercise. However, each asana has some effects on the body and not all are as effective for the same thing. We will therefore talk about the best yoga asanas to sleep well.

The best yoga asanas to sleep well

According to experts, the best yoga positions to fight insomnia are:

  • Variation of easy posture or sukhasana
  • Bend forward or uttanasana
  • Legs along the wall or viparita karani
  • Alternate breathing or nadi shodhana

Let's see each of them.

1- Easy posture variation

As the name suggests, sukhasana is one of the most accessible asanas for beginners. If you have never practiced this discipline but want to fight your insomnia, it is strongly recommended to start practicing this position.

The operation is very simple: just sit cross-legged (in the position we all associate with yoga), and tilt the trunk forward. The idea is that you extend your arms and back as much as possible. If you are very flexible, you should be able to touch the ground with your forehead.

This position is very useful because it relaxes the tension of the whole body and opens the hips. This generates a feeling of well-being which helps to fall asleep faster.

2- Flexion of the foot forward

The second of yoga asanas to sleep well is also very simple to perform. Start standing with your legs apart from your hips and keeping them tense. In this position, lean forward and try to touch the floor with the palms of the hands. If you are particularly flexible, you can try the challenge of touching the ground with your forearms.

This position not only helps to fight insomnia, but also other problems such as stress or headaches. It will also help improve the suppleness and tone of your legs.

3- Legs along the wall

This yoga asana suitable for beginners requires the help of a wall to be able to be performed. Its benefits are very interesting: thanks to this inverted position, Venous return of blood is facilitated. This relieves the symptoms of stress and, for at least five minutes, helps you fall asleep.

The viparita karanies is very easy to do. You just have to lie down, your back fully supported on the floorso your hips and legs are straight along the wall. To keep your balance, you can extend your arms to the sides of the body.

4- Alternate breathing

The last of yoga asanas for a good sleep uses one of the breathing exercises. They are most effective for fighting insomnia. It is an alternating breathing, consisting of sucking air through one nostril while blocking the other. Then invert the nostrils and repeat the cycle.

You can do this breathing exercise while sitting comfortably, or even lying down. Either way, if you do it right, you'll notice how your body relaxes very quickly.

Yoga includes many useful techniques to combat all kinds of mental and physical problems. These yoga asanas to sleep well are particularly effective in ending insomnia. They will be very useful if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep long enough.

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