Forget the past, do not let resentment gnaw at you

Forget the past, do not let resentment gnaw at you

Even though we know for a fact thatresentment is a negative feelingwhich costs us too much energy unnecessarily, we sometimes feel trapped by a past memory that makes us sad, nostalgic or frustrated because of a dream that will never come true, a lost love , or any other human feeling that hurts us …

These memories come back to us even if we do not want them. It is better to learn to forgive, because once we have forgiven, we can move forward.

The memories to which we must be sincere, do not fade away with a simple blow of the sponge.
We survive the days when we feel abandoned, as well as in days of pain.

We are moving forward, but we are confining our memories to the bottom of our heartsthat will come out on a rainy autumn day, when the scents that float in the air remind us of happy memories. Everything seems to mix in our memory, and the moments that we want to forget are still engraved.

We can not turn the page and forget that a sunny day has become stormy. Although with time we can recover, there will always be a day when memories will come back.

If it is not possible to forget completely, it is possible to go ahead and forget the feeling of resentment.

When we believe that everything happens for a reason, that we no longer love ourselves, that things and people change, that life follows its inexorable course, that the past is lost forever,that we are all human beings capable of making mistakes, that things go beyond us, and that we are not irreplaceable in the hearts or lives of people,that's when we have to tell ourselves thatto forgive is a way of forgetting …

The long-awaited day, when you can finally remember those memories without your heart being flooded by a wave of pain, or without anger coming to obscure your day, is the day you decide to continue moving forward while forgiving.

Leave the past behind, stay away from resentment.
It is certain that you have often thought back to events that have hurt you.One day you broke your heart, the next day you were betrayed, and happy days seemed to lose their color in the days when you were hurt.

By dint of thinking how fast life passes, we do not even look for our own happiness anymore. Instead, we waste our energy to fuel resentment, which prevents us from enjoying life to the full …

That is whywe must always try to forgive others and leave our rancor behind …

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