For you, for them, for courageous women

For you, for them, for courageous women

To you, a courageous woman, a woman who strives to ensure that every day, the main banner is your smile.

To you, woman with strong eyes, whose look conveys the sensitivity you feel about life and those around you.

For you, today I'm paying tribute because no one knew how to make this battle its purpose to continue despite the storms.

For you today, here is my admiration because you can see the light when clouds appear. For you today, here are my words for that you remember that you are full of love, courage and greatness.

Brave women

I know the faces of these courageous women who struggle to get up each morning with a smile even though in their lives there is a gray cloud called cancer.

Their courageous and forceful eyes make you see that life can be hard but worth living.

They are courageous women, not because they are afraid but because, despite everything that happens to them, they have decided to go forward.

For them, the fight is their routine, their daily task, their resource, their strategy. Day after day they express their strengths and their desires to live, imbuing all those around them with their courage. They knew how to build a light in the face of each difficulty, facing each storm.

They have armed themselves with patience, they put on their armor to fight the adversities of life and accepted their fight against cancer. They are women-courage.

Their greatness lies not only in their attitude of struggle but also in their ability to resurge and rise. They know how to bring out all their inner strength and their potential for not surrendering and continuing to move forward.

They found in every fragility the opportunity to build their strength.

Their faces tell you that despite fears, uncertainties and sometimes suffering, they will remain determined to live and feel life.

They are grandmothers, mothers, girls, girlfriends, warrior princesses who use strength as a shield and a positive attitude as armor.

In their eyes, the courage they show on their backs is revealed. From them, one can learn great lessons of life, because they are great guides of life.

Women who decide, free women, worthy women, women-courage. Sometimes they shirk, their smile is sad, they lose the desire to fight, the silence reaches them, and fear appears.

They forgot that their interior is full of strength, but they are skilled bridge builders and they start rebuilding fortresses.

That's why the minimum we can do is take care of them, admire them, thank them and love them.

We must accompany them on their path of struggle to help them when they need it. Embrace their soul so that they feel that they are not alone, and that we will be their companion of struggle.

Understand their silences as symbols of our support and take care of their sensitivity to life.

To you who fight

And now, for you, woman who wrestles, every day, listens:

I admire your strength, your ability to be reborn and to be strong. I admire your desire to get up and keep going, your potential to move forward. I admire your way. You are strong, you are tall, you are beautiful.

You are full of courage, love and life. Your eyes show your battles and your smile is the engine of your everyday life. You are an example to follow, an authentic guide.

It may happen without warning, without asking permission to settle. It may be that fear will invade you and uncertainty will become your companion. But with your courage, with your inner strength and your struggle, you have been able to find the light among the darkness.

Nobody knows how bad it hurts you, nor the fear in you. Nobody knows how you feel, or what you think. But do not forget who you are and how far you can go. Never forget your inner strength, all your potential. You have a lot more in you. "

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