For bad moments, good music

For bad moments, good music

There are moments in life where music feeds us more than food, even if the lyrics hurt.

Listening to music and being impregnated by it is like making love to yourself, uniting your body and mind in one, mimicking your senses, exploring, touching, and caressing you in the same hurry. only two fiery lovers.

Music is with us when words escape us, when we fail to explain our joy or sorrow, when our emotions block us or when we have something to celebrate.

Music does not leave us in turmoil or quiet moments. It helps us heal our emotional wounds and grow. As Oscar Wilde said, it's the closest art to tears and memories.

Our state of mood is in harmony with the music in seconds

Music helps us to be able to stay alone with our thoughts.It transports us to a magical world, in a place where everything is more bearable, where you can cry until you no longer have tears or smile until you get aches.

Music is for the soul, what gymnastics is for the body. It is the fast way to reach harmony with our inner being, awaken our senses and feel infinite beings.

When you have a problem, the melody of a song comes up to you to become your favorite for a while.

Somehow, the moment she touches you, she becomes your identity mark, in your war cry, and in your button of connection or disconnection.

If music is in your soul, we will listen to it throughout the universe

No matter what the passing years, when good music comes and touches you, it never goes away.It is a precious whim that softens and intoxicates our heart, making us hold our breath.

I believe in music as in this place where everyone meets, who helps us all in the worst moments and who has the ability to fill colors with the best moments of our existence.

We can forget about any word, any face, or any date, but we can never forget a melody and the moment with which it is in relation.

Indeed, it has transported us to a world in which we can explore sensations, and it has managed to give free rein to a part of ourselves that we did not know.

Who has never thought: "This song is made for me"?

There are melodies with which our emotions return to their purest state.

In fact, if someone asks us what song is talking about us, we will have serious difficulties to talk about only one.

Thanks to her, we can move to our memories and stimulate all our senses. Someone said that without music, life would be a mistake and an eternal pain in a world of misunderstanding.

It is said thatmusic is the most direct art, which penetrates through the ear and goes straight to the heart. Love and music are not seen, but feel and appreciate like nothing else in life.

Put music in your life, fill your landscapes with melodies and enjoy the pleasure of feeling the rhythms that invade you.
What you feel through music is not just the magic of being alive, but the freedom around you.

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