Fly !

Fly !

Maharat had just celebrated his 22 years and dreamed of traveling and venturing into distant lands. His mother, wanting to protect him, tried to reason with all kinds of arguments and manipulations that managed to paralyze his enthusiasm.

The boy lived in constant frustration because he loved his mother but was trapped in his routine and habits.

One day, locked in his doubts and thoughts, he decided to climb the mountain to think about his family chains that tortured him. There, he began to dream, closed his eyes, and his mind plunged him into a strange scene:

A species of gallinaceous, which probably did not have the gift of flying, was hatching the egg of another bird she had found in her nest. The young bird came out, then, after a while, asked his mother:

– When will I be able to fly? What she said to him:

– Why do you want to fly? Do not you see how good we are as we are? In addition, if you steal I could not protect you anymore, and far away there are many unknown dangers.

When Maharat woke up, he felt disconcerted and strangely relieved.
And as he came down from the mountain, he heard the notes of a song that said:

"If you want to live like eagles, do not live among sparrows".

(The flight of eagles)

Do not prevent yourself from realizing your dreams because of others' fears; even if it's your own family, because the only frustrated will be you.

Listen to their advice in the best possible way, but consider it only as advice (life orientations) and not as imposed constraints. As an old saying goes: "Whoever wants roses will have to learn to walk between the thorns".

We must aspire to fly high, even if you will never gather all the living conditions that go in your direction. There will always be disadvantages, but the game of life is to clearly establish your goals and the path you want to take.

The fear of oneself and others

Life is not easy, it's no secret. We often have to make decisions that involve risks or sacrifices, as much for individual happiness as for collective well-being.

Life never warns of the hour or the moment. The best opportunities often come when you least expect them.

It is vitally important to know how to identify them and benefit from them because no one ever knows if these opportunities will be represented and in what form.

As the poem Moments says: "you have to travel more lightly (…) eat more ice cream and fewer beans". We must be even more "idiotic" than we have been in the good sense of the word.

The opportunity you have missed today will undoubtedly become your biggest regret tomorrow, and the time is relentless. So, sooner or later, he will show you whether you were right to stay still or to have done to make your life more beautiful.

Character and opinions

Your character and your opinions are put to the test, in the sense that it is your duty to listen heartily to the advice that other people give you. However, it is also your duty to decide with reason rather than with the heart.

There is a time for everything: a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to be careful and a time to fly.

Nobody can progress without taking risks. One must often lose something to gain another. In such situations, it is best to perceive efforts and moments of doubt as an investment and not as an expense or a loss. Your happiness will depend on your common sense to overcome and judge the vagaries of life.

One instruction: always risk something with common sense and caution. It is not a question of losing everything in an instant, nor of winning everything overnight; but to evolve little by little, as a person and as a human being, day after day.

Detachment is difficult, but necessary. If you want to succeed in life, you will need to remember lessons that "flying birds" has brought you, just as your own life experiences have done. Learning never ends and no one will ever know everything.

Image courtesy of Flying high.

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