Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee

Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee

"The one who started to live more seriously from the inside begins to live more easily outside"

-Ernest Heminway-

Who are we and what do we want?

As social beings, we are told that it is good to define ourselves, to give our opinion, to fight, to show our presence and to live life to the fullest.

But how can it be achieved without knowing oneself? How is it possible to browse our lives in a consistent and fresh way at the same time? Where should we get involved and what are the things we have to let go?

Mohammed Ali said, referring to his boxing style, that he "Flew like a butterfly and stung like a bee".

This phrase did not refer only to his attitude in the ring, but to a great extent to his attitude in life.

Ali thought that in his boxing career and in his personal life, he had to adopt a synchronized and docile attitude, with rhythm but without forcing time.

According to him, he had to learn every experience of life to integrate it into his way of being, but without ever forcing himself or obliging himself to internalize something that was not clear in the reasoning or the way he had to feel it.

Contrary to what we are taught, this is not indecision, fragility of character or indifference towards others.

Rather, it is an internal work, which must be done with care, dedication and time, until we can arrive at truly valid conclusions for ourselves.

And then, we will fly like a butterfly, observing, recording and analyzing the various situations that occur in our environment.

And we will sting like bees, with the tip, without hurting but in affirming our indisputable mission.

How to create a good attitude?

Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee is a way of life that frees us from mental pressure.

To succeed in living and acting this way, just like in boxing, you have to follow a series of tips or recommendations:

Do not focus on battles that will take a lot of energy and in which you will not get answers.

Although you believe that fighting for a concrete cause is right, you need to ask yourself how you can be useful, revolutionary and regular in moving in this direction.

If you doubt certain points, it is better not to internalize this fight because some external struggles can turn into a battle against oneself.

Stay away but stay alert in case you might be useful at some point. Do not forget, be butterfly.

Choose your passions, not just your goals.

If you choose a passion in life and strive to obtain it and maintain it, the things you focus on will be seen more as a prize than as a sacrifice of things you have to give up.

Be butterfly, and see your goal clearly!

Your goal will be enough only if your passion is great and sincere.

Set short- and medium-term goals, but also draw big short-medium term goals. You can fuel your dreams only in this way.

Go ahead and reach your dreams. Do it as if you were a bee!

– Do not make your passage in this world an exhibition of victimization, nor of grandeur.

Just be yourself, lacking some skills and talents but having other extraordinary faculties.

Take as a reference the lessons you have given life, do not try to adopt others … and so you can draw the real conclusions for you, without intention to impose them on others.

Define yourself as a deeply individual but empathic being.

You will shine with your own light, and you will be butterfly and bee without even realizing it.

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