Five tips to improve your emotional intelligence

Five tips to improve your emotional intelligence

The fact of having success in life does not depend only on the intellectual coefficient. There is something in the human being that makes the difference; that is why, on equal terms, some people are better able than others to cope with the unexpected and consider them as challenges to be met.

So there are people who see the difficulties from a wider perspective, and therefore do not just summarize this dark tunnel that blinds us and sometimes blocks us.

Emotional Intelligence allows us to become aware of all those inner impulses that enrich us, and that sometimes disturb us so much that we no longer know how to manage them.

Emotional Intelligence is a set of abilities that can be developed to improve our empathic attitude, for example, or to learn to cope better with pressures and other frustrations.

It is therefore within everyone's reach to develop this type of intelligence, and it can even be instilled in our children. In the long term, this knowledge will expand the range of possibilities for personal development.

And if we went through the constitutive concepts of Emotional Intelligenceso that we can put them into practice in our daily lives?

1. Do you know yourself

Emotional Intelligence can be applied in all areas of our lives. But for this to be effective, one must first of all have a certain awareness of oneself and one's behaviors, ie to understand why one reacts or thinks of one way or the other.

Ask yourself questions like "Why did I do this?" Or "Why do I believe in this or that?" Try to identify your strengths and weaknesses, highlight your qualities, and realize that you are the master of your life, so the only one responsible for your happiness.

2. Be optimistic

The more optimistic you are, the easier it will be for you to achieve success and happiness. To be optimistic, one must be able to recognize not only one's own qualities, but also those of others.

Try to make the most of all the difficult situations that can arise in your everyday life, use your sense of humor as much as possible, and be convinced that a difficulty is also an opportunity to grow as a person.

3. Stoke your curiosity

An open mind, capable of accepting a multitude of things, ideas, concepts and experiences, is an enriched mind who knows how to manage his emotional intelligence.

Life is full of nuances and subtleties that also need to be taken into account. Being closed-minded, we do not pay attention to these details, and this makes it difficult to understand the reality in all its complexity …

A tip: take a sheet and a pen, and put all your thoughts in writing. Sometimes, nothing better than a little self-criticism, to reflect on your visions and conceptions of things.

4. Empathy

Empathy is necessary if we want to know more about people around us and become aware of their realities and their dimensions, which sometimes are not very different from ours.

For that, it is better not only to "put oneself in the other's shoes", but also to ask questions such as "Would I like to behave like that with me?", "Is what does this person deserve to face such difficulties? "or" What would I do for him? "

5. Communication capabilities

Having communicative abilities can greatly enhance emotional intelligence. Try to always be sincere and respect the comfort zones of your interlocutors to avoid creating conflict.

Always check your impressions, do not bury them in yourself; rely on the postures your interlocutors take and understand those signals that can not be transmitted by speech.

Sometimes facial expressions and movements say more than words.

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