Find out if your relationship is healthy

Find out if your relationship is healthy

At the beginning of a relationship, it is normal to see life in pink. But sometimes, some people wear a mask that prevents them from seeing the relationship as it is, less healthy than it should be.

A healthy relationship, what is it?

A relationship healthy should have the following characteristics:

– the trust : being jealous is something normal, because jealousy is a natural feeling. What matters is how the jealous person reacts. Without trust in the couple, we can not hope to have a healthy relationship.

– thehonesty It's hard to trust when a couple is not honest. Within lies, climate of trust can not be stable.

– the respect : in a relationship, respect the other is the value, understand, and do not question its limits.

– the communication You should never stop saying something to your partner because he / she does not want to hear this or that. It is important that you develop good communication within your couple, and that you openly tell yourself what you think of each other.

– the support You have to support each other, in both good and bad times, you must be with your partner to congratulate him on his successes, but also to console him and offer him your support in difficult times.

– theequality In a relationship, it is necessary that the two members of the couple are put on the same footing of equality, otherwise the relation can quickly turn to the fight of power.

– of time for everyone : A healthy relationship is made of concessions. Everyone must take time for him, so that he can continue to do the things he did before being in a relationship: he must not give up seeing his friends, nor do a cross on his hobbies.

Unhealthy relationships

An unhealthy relationship also has its own characteristics, such as lack of respect, thoughtful and abusive acts, physical or mental, of a couple member.

Most of the time, these abusive people grew up in an environment where this type of behavior prevailed, and as a result, they consider it normal.

Everyone must still protect themselves, because we can not talk about a healthy relationship when one of the two members of the couple is abusive.

Signals that can alert

Physical, verbal or emotional abuse can result in insults, humiliation, even beating or slapping.

Sometimes one of the two members of the couple may also force the other to have sex …

To find out if your relationship is unhealthy, ask yourself:

– if he / she gets angry when you are not available
– if he / she criticizes the way you see yourself
– if he / she does not let you go out or talk with your friends
– if he / she does not let you indulge in your leisure
– if he / she raises his hand on you when he / she is angry
– if he / she tries to force you to have sex when you do not want to

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