Fight obsessive thoughts

Fight obsessive thoughts

Obsessive thoughts affect 1 in 50 people. This is one of the most hidden psychological issues for those who suffer from it.Obsessive thoughts are about staying hooked on an idea and not being able to get rid of it.They usually involve a concern, an irrational or absurd concern. Generating unnecessary suffering.

We all had a bad day, a discussion or a situation that just annoyed us all day. Situations that make us spend the day thinking about them and how we could have acted or reacted differently. However,even if we wish it, we can not stop thinking about it. Although we can not change anything, our mind keeps examining it again and again. It becomes a "I want to stop, but I can not". Obsessive thoughts are so.

Obsessive thoughts as a psychological problem

We all have obsessive thoughts. Therefore, having this type of thoughts is not a problem, let alone a pathology. However, this is a psychological problem for some people because these thoughts condition their lives significantly. They also tend to hide them. To confess that we have something strange and ugly is awkward.

Obsessive thoughts are recurrent for these people. Ces obsessive thoughts relate to absurd concerns and although they know they are absurd, they can not avoid it. A classic example of obsessive thoughts might be, "Will I be able to commit a dishonest, forbidden or serious act?"

Causes of obsessive thoughts

Obsessive thoughts emerge for several reasons or, more accurately, the combination of several reasons. One of the most common is related to the future, concretely, with the need to predict the future. We want to know the future to predict it, to know that tomorrow will be a day without difficulties.We want to control the uncontrollable, which is impossible.Unexpected things happen every day.

Obsessive thoughts also arise because of our low tolerance for anxiety. We live in a world where we are constantly running and constantly bombarding us with stimuli and information. We must always be busy, do things. All this generates stress, so that we can feel anxiety. This allows us to prepare our bodies, not our minds.We we want to get rid of an idea when it makes us anxious, to silence it for a moment.We do not tend to think about it.

The last reason is "terriblissism". It is a belief that any adversity is "terrible".We consider ourselves the center of the universe. We therefore consider all time as the end of the world.This tendency to exaggerate problems is another reason for obsessive thoughts. These are the three main reasons for obsessive thoughts. There are, however, others such as superstitious thought, excessive shame, fear of ridicule, and so on.

What to face obsessive thoughts?

Every obsessive thought has characteristics that define it and can help us neutralize its negative influence. The main one is that100% of people can get rid of it or reduce their power until it becomes negligible. We can all get rid of our obsessive thoughts without the use of medication. We will nevertheless have to resort to psychological counseling.

The treatment is based onlearning tolerance to anxiety. The more we are able to tolerate anxiety, the better we will endure high levels of anxiety. We need to get used to anxiety, at least to certain levels of anxiety. We must learn to tolerate uncertainty. To be able to live without thinking that what we can not anticipate will necessarily be bad.

We must also stop giving importance to "trivialities".Most of the problems we have are irrelevant. One of the best things to do is to put the problem back to its true place in terms of transcendence.. For this we must accept ourselves as we are. To erase the unreal image of the "perfect" beings that we are forming, we have to start assuming our imperfections, all of which will help us to get rid of useless thoughts in general and obsessionals in particular. is so terrible. "

Obsessive thoughts limit your life

How can one succeed in taking control of those obsessive thoughts that ruin our lives and stop being dependent on them? Learn more
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