Face the pain and overcome it makes us stronger

Face the pain and overcome it makes us stronger

Pain is one of the emotions associated with our existence. From the moment we are born, we are exposed to the incoherence of life and the frustration that can arise when our desires remain unfulfilled. Knowing how to face the pain and move forward is therefore essential to move towards a degree of suffering that we are able to bear.

In the first place, it is fundamental to differentiate pain, sadness and melancholy. Making this distinction is fundamental because in the familiar language, we use these terms frequently without distinction while they are not synonymous.

"Sadness is a set of states where psychic pain is caused by the meaning of a specific situation for the subject."

-Hugo Bleichmar-

Does facing pain imply sadness or melancholy?

Sigmund Freud, father of Psychoanalysis, proposes an important distinction between these concepts. For him, even if they are linked and the collective imagination equals them; they are indeed different. In his work "Mourning and melancholy", he tries to highlight the points of distinction of these two concepts.

Knowing how to deal with pain is the key to moving forward.

Literally, Freud claimed that "Mourning is the reaction to the loss of a loved one or an abstraction that takes its place as an ideal, freedom, etc. According to similar influences, we see in many people melancholy instead of mourning. ".

Freud therefore assured that mourning is pain that is not pathological and that it is pain for those who have lost a loved one. It is a way to communicate a response to absolutely normal parameters. As for her, melancholy would be more of a pathological nature.

These two mental processes have similar characteristics, apart from a fundamental point. In both states have shared pain, an absence of interest in the outside world and a lack of willingness to invest in another love relationship.

However, a disturbance of the feeling of pain appears in the melancholy and is added to a harassment of Me. This happens in the process of normal grief, when one is faced with an impoverishment of our integrity.

Dealing with pain allows you to know yourself in an integral way

Emotional life is directly related to the human psyche. For this reason, it has a direct or indirect impact on its physical or biological well-being. Generally, current society and the individual in particular, underestimate the importance of emotions.

When a person has symptoms, such as insomnia or depression, she wants them to magically disappear with the help of life-changing medication. It is, however, very difficult to remove the symptom, especially permanently, if one does not first carry out an integral psychoanalytic work.

Medicine, and specifically psychiatry, reinforce the behavioral behavioral stimulus-response theory to eliminate all types of symptomatology. The idea is that with a suitable medicine, any patient could resume the course of his daily routine because of the temporary disappearance of the symptom or its significant attenuation.

However, the treatment is often a thick carpet that covers the symptom, the event by positioning the cause in the last plane of the painting.

Thus, when the treatment is withdrawn, the symptom resurfaces. Also, when the treatment is preserved, the symptom can adopt other characteristics to be felt and it will be harmful for the quality of life of the person.

Dealing with pain helps us to know each other.

The importance of symptoms

The symptom is certainly an informative element proving that something wrong has been imposed in the subject's life. In this way, by silencing his voice we will lose the information that explains what happens to us and it will be more difficult for us to consider an intervention. A good clinical evaluation is therefore important before starting any intervention.

In this way, psychotherapy offers us the opportunity to establish new parameters to glimpse the world from a new perspective. It offers a new point of view that implies less pain and more satisfaction or fullness.

We think that any our suffering is endowed with a significant degree of subjectivity. However, it is the person of last instance who really knows what hurts him. On the other hand, through his account, the psychologist will be able to understand what the unsatisfied desire represents as a source of malaise.

Suffering showed me who I was

We all carry pieces of suffering in us. To appease this evil, several solutions exist, such as therapy. Learn more
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