Exit the mold to assert yourself

Exit the mold to assert yourself

We are born by being the most authentic version of ourselves; we are only being. We express with great spontaneity what we like and what we do not like, without judgment and without comparing ourselves to others.

However, little by little, we discover what society expects us by dictating the paths to follow. And those who follow the so-called "glorious" paths will receive admiration and approval, become models to follow and sometimes even idols to whom one dreams of resembling.

But to what extent do these models come close to our real desires? Do not they move away from our initial vocation?

The different vocations

The word "vocation" comes from Latin vocarewhich means "call". A vocation is therefore a call, an inner voice that tells us what the path we must follow in life, not only from a professional point of view but in all areas; until we find the mission for which we were born.

The problem arises when these "false calls", which are foreign to us, prevent us from following our own inner vocation.Maybe because these voices try to frighten us by telling us that if we do not succeed certain things we are failures.

Maybe they discourage us by telling us that we can not aspire to great things because we are not capable. Or they may be amadouent and dazzling us with material things, so that we mix fine and medium.

Although it is easier and safer to follow the most conventional paths and to do the same as everyone else, it is very expensive for us: neither more nor less than our personal fulfillment and our fulfillment.

Indeed,not exploiting our potential and not doing what we planned to do causes inevitable frustration. And even if we try not to think about it by being distracted by all possible means (internet, television, sometimes even drugs and alcohol), the feeling of lack and incompleteness will always be felt.

So, what happens if a person dares to do the impossible and decides not to be discouraged by the critics to follow his vocation?

These few people cultivate their personal garden and spend time looking after them, for their personal fulfillment. They come out of the "flock", do not let the crowd get on them, and they go against the grain.

These people know that the calling of the vocation is stronger than that of others, because theirs is exciting, irresistible, and gives them much greater satisfaction than material reward or approval.

The obstacles

Once we took the plunge and decided to follow our unique calling, we won an important battle.

However, we must prepare ourselves for the obstacles that we will encounter in our path: the critics, or well-intentioned people who want to dissuade us because our idea seems risky and doomed to failure.

Even so! We have the right to fail one, two, even three times! If we are intimately convinced of the path to take, the only thing that matters is perseverance.

The obstacles are not made to prevent the realization of our vocation, on the contrary. They help us tap into inner resources that we did not even know about, making us stronger and contributing to our personal growth.

Moreover, when we are aware of being on the right track, we open ourselves to the world and accept to receive help to move forward.

Many paths can be offered to us, but there is only one that corresponds to us.

And there is nothing else on this Earth that can be measured by the inexhaustible satisfaction we feel when we listen and follow our vocation.

Photo courtesy of Hartwig HKD

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