Everything always comes back in order

Everything always comes back in order

How often do we worry excessively? How many times have we thought about how this new job would be, our son's return to college, or our relationship?

How many times have we come forward with negative conclusions so that in the end everything fits into the order much more simply than we thought?

People work that way, our mind sometimes goes much faster than we would like. We should adopt amore "slow" lifestyle, and put it into practice in our exhausting, stressful and worry-filled lives.

Stop thinking so much! Everything always ends up finding a solution and everything always comes back in order … As an old proverb says: "Any problem has a solution, except death".

So, let your head rest a little and do not always try to mentally jostle the time when he just has to do his job. If you try to see things differently, then everything will be better.

I do not have a job, I do not have a spouse, we broke up, things do not go well at home … If you lost a job, a spouse and stability, do not worry about finding a job the North because the compass of life will always help you find your way.

Life is like a river, sometimes we are up, near the mountains, with strength and illusion but without knowing the path that awaits us.

Sometimes we have to go through areas filled with stones and obstacles, and again we have already traveled all the way down the river to the sea, to start again on a different and uncertain path.

No.We are always full of worries, most of which have no reason to be and only bring about situations of anxiety and stress, which are negative for our body and mind.

We must not worry, because the river will take us little by little on the way, without having to think about it permanently.

I'm going to tell you a story … I knew a woman who was about to die, and who one day met a young man in good health. Life offered him the most beautiful gift.

A few days of happiness for her and a real nightmare for her loved ones: a childbirth that had almost killed her.

I understood at that moment that if I had lost it, it would have been a real tragedy, because it was the only thing that I could really worry about, and the daily worries did not take place. be.

But everything is always in order … Like a puzzle that slowly takes shape.

We all have a personal puzzle, but we have to face it calmly, taking the time. Have you ever made a big puzzle in just a few minutes?

It is certain that you will sometimes find quickly the solution to your problems, but before finding them you will surely have had to carry out a preliminary work.

That's why I encourage each of you to relax and put a little more perspective. If you missed the bus and have to wait for the next, well it will be for later.

If the meal can not be ready at noon, well it will be for 12:30. If the bank is closed, you will return tomorrow.

If you've made a mistake at work, you'll deal with it tomorrow, and if you've had a disagreement with someone, maybe you can discuss it another way, or at least respect yourself.

Do not let your worries invade your nights or your dreams and smother your days … Because everything always comes back in order.

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