Enjoying sexuality does not mean being an easy person

Enjoying sexuality does not mean being an easy person

 "Your body is the temple of nature and the divine spirit. Keep it healthy; stick to it; study it; give him rights. "

Henry F. Amiel

We still live today with machismo and prejudices, without being able to glimpse the light of their overcoming.

This leads us to categorize the people around us without stopping to listen to them and respect their points of view.

One of the areas in which this occurs especially is that of sexuality, especially that of women. Here is my story about it.

I never gave much importance to my sex life, for the first time. It started without any bad experience or surprise.

Learn new sensations, discover all that one can share with another human being united to oneself, just enjoy the moment. With relaxation and good agreement.

I never stopped to think if it was the right time or not. I want to think that this is where the magic of my first time and my positive experience lie.

I saw it as something simple, but I felt that my entourage did not perceive it so, but rather full of prejudices and taboos.

My first contacts with sexuality were free. Does sex, the union between two people, have something negative?

I grew up and this aspect of my life continued to be of little importance to me. It allowed me to enjoy without emotional charges. I loved the way I felt about sex, and I was comfortable. Free.

I started to be in a couple, in authentic and different relationships, but in a simple and uncomplicated way.

It is obvious that I have been careful with each of them. They were all loaded with love, tenderness and without incident. Thepeople who love me, looked at me like a person with a liberal character or, better said, a libertine.

They thought that for me, sex was an act performed mechanically, and without feelings. I was invited to be more responsible for my actions and I was accused of all sorts of prejudices about my sexual relations.

But what did I think of myself?

Regarding this step, I will be sincere: I did what my heart felt. If I felt comfortable and free, I took advantage, always with the responsibility of my own body, and my own self, of course.

I took advantage of the moment, the person and she from me. I did not think of anything else.

Life had made a precious gift to me, to feel the union with the person with whom I wanted to be at that moment, and to share that love. Whoever is the person.

I asked myself the question of knowing why betray the trust of someone we saw totally exposed? Naked? I immediately realized that not everyone agrees.


After many years, I accepted myself and differentiated myself from those around me. I realized that living the world and living with an open mindset about sex made people see me as an "easy" person.

My friends and those around me agreed that knowing this made me more desirable.

I took advantage of this new category in which I found myself unintentionally, but in a short time, I felt again an embarrassment in front of the prejudices of the people who did not understand me.

How did I deal with this?

For my part, I began to understand people who did not dare to say that they want to enjoy sexual union.

In my experiences, lack of respect, strange, twisted or abusive situations never existed. Never. We were only living the moment and the union, the pleasure.

I was and I am a well educated and experienced person. A good person, with a heart full of unconditional love and with the desire to enjoy life to the fullest. Always respectful and humane.

The problem ? That all my "gifts" be overshadowed by "passing" for someone easy.

I have come to the conclusion that people think and talk too much, without knowledge or truth. I stopped wanting to change, tired of comments and prejudices, until I met the man of my life.

I told him everything and I was sincere with him. And even though he was not like me, but he was human, he understood me.

Right away, he realized that doing so did not make me an easy girl. On the contrary. He saw in me a controlled sex life. I knew what my limits were and so I could enjoy with freedom and balance.

So, I gave myself permission to continue to enjoy my sexuality and explore my body with someone who loved me.

I did what my heart dictated to me and I silenced prejudice by learning to respect myself. I've understood that no one has the right to catalog and question others.

Each of us is responsible for the way he wants to live. We are masters of our emotions and our body. Do not waste your time dancing to those who are full of doubts and fears.

They are the ones who will always tell you "I told you" or "you can not". What is the message of these people? That we do not deserve to be ourselves. Be yourself.

"A woman caresses a body whose secrets she knows and whose own body tells her the preferences"


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