End this feeling of rejection

End this feeling of rejection

Feeling rejected is something very painful. You have probably already felt rejected more than once … And it is difficult to accept it!

Sometimes, in order not to be rejected, we betray ourselves and go in the direction that others impose on us. We have been educated to feel accepted and especially to win the acceptance of others. Thus, rejection is something we avoid as much as the plague.

There are two types of rejection: external rejection, that of society; and inner rejection.

External rejection is inevitable. How many times have you ever rejected someone yourself? Be sincere … Of course, that has already happened. Faced with this rejection, you can not do anything.

However, you can immunize against this one, or at least ignore it. What to do, on the other hand, in the face of inner rejection? This rejection is in your mind.

What effect does this rejection have on us?

Feeling rejected will make you extremely vulnerable. Everything will hurt you, so much so that you will not even be able to appreciate a good joke anymore.

Rejection can also make you feel insecure. If you do not accept the world in which you live, you will not be able to find your place there.

Finally, the rejection can cause some negligence towards yourself. You will not take care of yourself anymore and you will let go. Moreover, you have a good chance of conveying this feeling of rejection to those around you. This is a vicious circle.

Techniques to free yourself from the feeling of rejection

What can be done to free oneself from all the negative that comes with the feeling of rejection? Here is the answer !

Show wisdom

Address the question wisely: what use is it for you to feel rejected? Does it help you to move forward? You are stuck in neutral, ridiculously and uselessly.

No one rejects you, it is you who reject you. Be sure of yourself, decide to eliminate that feeling of rejection and learn to enjoy life.

Do you accept

To succeed in loving someone, one must first come to love oneself. With rejection, it's the same. Accept yourself as you are, and then you will succeed in accepting others.

Do not reject the bad things you do and feel guilty about. You are human! Forgive yourself and show the best of yourself.

Have a positive image of yourself

We are all capable of saying good things to others. But why is it so complicated to say good things about you?

There is something wrong with you, because you think you do not deserve the good of you.

Think about your strengths, your potential, and all the riches in you. Have a positive image of yourself.

Give yourself small rewards

Eat the best, look for the best, treat yourself, feel free … Give yourself from time to time a little outfit, a good book or something that you reward.

Reward yourself and you will feel better about yourself. Believe me, you will be much more positive and happy.

The positive influence

If you are surrounded by people who have everything they want, do not be depressed! Use their positive influence to believe in yourself, and to believe that you too are able to reach your goals.

Do not feel rejected, we can all do it, but only if you believe in yourself and really want it.

Do you judge yourself correctly

The rejection also has to do with your way of judging yourself. It's important to judge yourself, but in a good way. What did you do wrong? How should you proceed? These are some questions you should ask yourself to move forward.

Did these techniques serve you? Are you now aware of all the disadvantages of feeling rejected? You are the only one who can get out of this feeling, no one else will do it for you.

Do not wait for it to volatilize like magic. Believe in yourself, think with reason and wisdom. You are intelligent. No one should stop you from getting what you want, not even yourself.

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