Empty nest syndrome

Empty nest syndrome

Full of courage, they begin to savor the independence that they have waited so long, gradually taking to their own feet. One day, the children leave the family cocoon; it's life.

What is Empty Nest Syndrome?

Empty Nest Syndrome is a evolutionary stage resulting in a whole series of physical and mental symptoms who declare themselves once children leave the family cocoon to take flight, which can lead their parents or guardians to feel lonely.

Regardless of the sex of the children, or the reasons that motivate them to leave (work, etc.); from the moment their children decide to lead their lives, many fathers and mothers feel deeply sad.

More often than not, parents with this syndrome face a feeling of sadness and loneliness accompanied by a feeling of emptiness, even worthlessness or guilt if the relationship with the child was tense before departure .

This can sometimes lead to problems with concentration, a feeling of tiredness, an inability to feel pleasure, or a tendency to worry excessively.

It is important to be aware of the fact that relationships are not universal and that they depend largely on the personality, but also on the situation in which the subject is located, as well as on the relationship that has become established. with the child having left the family cocoon. Feelings and reactions may vary.

Even if some parents are happy that they have achieved the goal they had set for their children and if they reassure themselves that if their children were able to do what they wanted with their lives , they are not for nothing, the departure of the latter is necessarily something that must be adapted.

This event, which is part of the family life cycle, is as important for children as it is for parents and can sometimes upset the family balance, since they will no longer share the everyday life in the same way. The family will have to reorganize and find a new stability.

To let go and let go

One must be aware that the relationship with children does not end; it will simply not have the same shape. On the other hand, for a relationship to stay in time, it must be maintained.

To avoid being a victim of the empty nest syndrome, it is necessary to to prepare little by little starting with the children leaving them more and more independent and avoiding being constantly on their back, because it is important to let them live by themselves.

In addition, it is necessaryaccept the situation, and adopt a new way of life ; we must approach life in a dynamic way, and be aware of the fact that it is punctuated by different stages, of which periods of crisis are part.

Children who go away, it's a natural process. It is essential that children take flight, even though it may lead parents to feel empty and alone. However, this will allow them to mature to set new challenges.

If the good things have an end, on the other hand, news always ends up presenting itself: this philosophy can allow the parents to fill this void which sometimes is hollowed out in them. When one page turns, another begins to write while offering a wide range of opportunities, such as space and time to make new things, or the opportunity to focus on the life of a couple .

You have to be creative and set new challenges, in your life as a man / woman as in your life as a parent, and thus reorganize your life.

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