Emotional infidelity

Emotional infidelity

Emotional or emotional infidelity, or in other words, deception of a member of the couple who, however, has not had sex with another person, may be more painful than infidelity related to more conventional settings (ie physical infidelity).

Often, we think that there is unfaithfulness only when there is a sexual relationship between one of the members of the couple and another person. On the contrary, infidelity can take place without any physical relationship. In one way or another, this happens when an agreement within the couple is broken. Finally, emotional infidelity deteriorates the relationship in many cases more than physical infidelity.

What is emotional infidelity?

Emotional infidelity occurs when, in the couple, one of the two members shares intimate moments with another person, if any to be emotionally involved and to break an implicit or explicit agreement. Among these intimate moments, we can find exchanges of emotional content.

There are also cases where emotional infidelity does not involve any type of interaction with another person. Si our partner falls in love with another person, even if he does not say itwe would also face a case of emotional infidelity.

Emotional infidelity is, in many cases, a step towards physical infidelitybecause it generates a sufficiently strong link between the two people involved to make it a physical intimacy. In some circumstances, the couple is destroyed by the act of the unfaithful person, who no longer wants to stay in this relationship without affectivity.

Causes of emotional infidelity

How does one come to emotional infidelity? Its causes are variedbut it can only happen by lack of affectivity in the couple, which in one way or another is deteriorating. The lack of tenderness, intimacy or trust causes the need for these, and one of the members (sometimes even both members) will seek them from another person. It is an understandable inclination in such a context, as are the others, even if it also denotes a great lack of communication.

A healthy relationship will rarely be frustrated by emotional infidelity. In a healthy couple, the communication channels remain open and neither member of the couple is afraid to give the other a disapproval or dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the relationship. This is why we must look for the main cause of infidelity on the communication side.

How to avoid emotional infidelity?

In this sense, the work on the communicative aspect of the couple is fundamental. A strong couple must work day after day on trust, friendship and understanding. The couple consists, above all, of two friends who decide to share their life and, moreover, who feel for each other a sexual attraction.

Since emotional infidelity does not imply sexuality, this is not where we have to look for the main cause of deception. Sexual intercourse can be fully satisfying and, as such, emotional infidelity can occur. However, just as we told you earlier in this article, the unfaithful person may end up sexually interested in the other person.

What to deal with emotional infidelity?

Signs of emotional infidelity vary by couple, but often, we can identify the following signals:

  • Your partner is distant and do not share emotions or problems with you
  • He does not tell you nothing of what happens to him
  • The lack of privacy and affectivity reigns between you and your partner

Nevertheless, it is important not to mix everything up: if your partner does not introduce you to all the people he knows or talk to you about everything he does with these people, we can not talk about infidelity; iIt is absolutely necessary for both members of the couple to have experiences and friends outside the couple. However, if you are not the person your partner is talking about, and you know that he is doing it with another person, then there may be a problem. You will need to communicate with him and deepen the subject.

Once the infidelity has been confirmed,their solutions are conceivable: to continue, or to put an end to the relationship. To go either way, it is necessary to find a moment to speak with sincerity, regardless of the decision that will be made at the end of the day.If the unfaithful person does not want to end the relationship, it is very important that she understand that she has to abandon her relationship with the other person or at least change some of her points, and work towards stability. And, in any case, everything will also depend on whether the deceived person wishes to submit to this process or not.

When love ceases to be exclusive: infidelity

Infidelity, whether sexual or emotional, is a test that some couples go through for a variety of reasons. Learn more
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