Emotional exhaustion, the consequence of demanding to be strong

Emotional exhaustion, the consequence of demanding to be strong

Emotional exhaustion is a condition that is reached due to an overload of effort. We are not talking here only about professional excesses. We also refer to taking responsibility for conflict, assuming emotional or cognitive responsibilities or stimuli.

Emotional exhaustion does not appear overnight.It is a process that slowly incarnates, until it reaches a point where the personcollapses. This rupture immerses him in paralysis, deep depression or chronic illness. A collapse occurs in the person's life because it can literally no longer support it.

 ” Nothing weighs as much as the heart when tired. "

-José of San Martín-

Although emotional exhaustion is experienced as mental fatigue, it is usually accompanied by great physical fatigue.When this happens, the individual experiencesa feeling of heaviness, of inability to advance. He falls into an inertia which is difficult to get out.

Causes of emotional exhaustion

Emotional exhaustion comes from the fact that there is an imbalance between what we give and what we receive. Those who suffer from it are characterized by giving the best of themselves, whether at work, at home, in the couple or in any field.

This usually occurs in areas where there is high demand, and which apparently requires significant sacrifices. For example, in a job where there is a high risk of dismissal. Or in a home where members have many problems and need attention. When we have a conflictual couple or with serious difficulties, too.

The exhausted person usually lacks time for herself. It does not receive any moreenough ofrecognition, affection or consideration. She is supposed to "insure" permanently. As if she had no needs, or as if she was stronger than the others and could bear everything.

The first symptoms of emotional exhaustion

Some clues announce emotional exhaustion before it actually appears. These are signals that we do not usually give much importance to. Some measures could be taken on time if we did it.

Theinitial symptoms of emotional exhaustion are :

  • Physical fatigue. The person often feels tired. She feels extremely painful what awaits her during the day from the moment she wakes up.
  • insomnia. As contradictory as it may seem, a person suffering from emotional exhaustion has difficulty sleeping. Problems are constantly turning in his head, which prevents him from getting to sleep.
  • irritability. There is discomfort and loss of self-control, with some frequency. The exhausted person looks grumpy and is too sensitive to any criticism or gesture of disapproval.
  • Lack of motivation The person who suffers from emotional exhaustion begins to act mechanically. As if she were forced to do what she does all the time. She feels no enthusiasm or interest in her activities.
  • Emotional distance. Emotions start to get flatter. As if the person did not feel anything.
  • Frequent forgetfulness. The saturation of information and / or stimuli leads to memory loss. The person easily forgets the little things.
  • Difficulties to think. The person feels that she is easily confusing things. Each activity involves a greater expenditure of time than before. She reasons slowly.

The issues of emotional exhaustion

The best way to overcome emotional exhaustion is, of course, to rest. We must find free time to relax and be quiet. People who do too much spend years without taking a vacation, for example. It is a mistake. This leads irreparably to fatigue. It is therefore necessary to take a few days to rest.

Another solution is to work to build a different attitude towards daily obligations. Each day should include moments to dedicate to commitments but also to rest and perform enriching activities. Obsessions of perfection or fulfillment must be put aside.

he so it's very important to have empathy for ourselves. Nothing like that to spend time alone during the day. Breathe, reconnect with who we are and what we want. It is essential to develop an attitude of understanding and kindness towards oneself.If not, we will sooner or later be unable to move forward.

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