Economic dependence in adulthood

Economic dependence in adulthood

Like it or not, money is an important part of our lives. The theme of finance has become more complex with globalization. Moreover in many contexts, purchasing power is much less important than at the time of our grandparents. The employment crises follow one another. For this reason, many people who, as adults, are still economically dependent on their parents.

From a practical point of view, economic dependence is a viable exit from and solidarity with a concrete problem. From a psychological perspective, this gives rise to a series of difficulties when drawing life plans. Of course, this has helped to change the expectations and demands of parents or family members of dependents by increasing their level of influence.

The fact of not having a job and being subject to economic dependence also affects personal image and self-esteem. Many people think that depending on others is "comfortable" but often, in addition to being false, this idea hurts.

"The economy is the origin of independence and the colleague of integrity."

-Lord Chesterfield-

Parents and economic dependency

There are several scenarios. In some circumstances, finding a job becomes difficult. In other cases, it is parents who directly promote economic dependence. Moreover, and although this may seem contradictory, many parents complain of a lack of autonomy and adopt behaviors that favor it.

The reasons for this can be varied. The most common is that one or both parents do not feel comfortable with their own life. Children can be an excuse not to face the problem.

There is also the case of parents who have significant relationship problems and who are unable to overcome them. In this kind of conflict, children are often mediators or excuses. If children become independent, parents have no choice but to face the truth. It is likely that in this case, he is not ready to face their difficulties as a couple.

In the same way, there are parents who fear loneliness or who do not take the pain that comes from an announced reality : Gradual taking away of children in search of their own space. It is a space in which the parents will have a place but in which they will not always be the main figures or the point of reference.

Children and parents promoting economic dependence

Many parents unintentionally promote the economic dependence of their children. They overprotect them from an early age by converting them into uncertain and dependent people. Faced with children's attempts to make their own lives, they show demotivating, discouraging and manipulative reactions.

Those educated in this way are more likely to fall into economic dependence as adults. They are unsuspecting people and it is their main burden when they leave home and can no longer rely on their privileges. They need their own space in the world but have no idea how to build it.

They do not feel able to do it. This drives them to accept low-paid or unstable jobs. They also fall into paralysis when they lose their job and do not easily find anything to replace it.

A problem that can be solved

Of course, when someone does not believe in him, he does not believe in what he is capable of doing. The entrepreneurial spirit at the professional level ceases to be an option. In fact, as can be seen in the Novelo, Carrilo and Lopez (International Researchers Network Congress) study, self-efficacy is one of the most effective signs illustrating this.

In their minds, the world is so threatening and unaffordable. They therefore prefer to remain refugees with their families. Fear wins them. The fear is so great that they prefer to be criticized or stop enjoying the privileges of independence in order not to experience the dizziness of the challenges.

Uncertain and frustrated parents usually give birth to photocopy children. In addition to striving to find the ideal job and not succeeding, they should use their energy to solve the fears that block their progress. In fact, if that does not work out, it is very difficult for someone to build a life project of which he is proud.

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