Eating is a necessity, but eating intelligently is an art

Eating is a necessity, but eating intelligently is an art

Suzanne Powell, an Irish nutrition specialist, is one of the people who brought to light the concept of conscious eating.

In his book Conscious diet, it reveals to us all the secrets we need to know if we want to find the mode of food that best suits everyone.

For Suzanne Powell, having a conscious diet means knowing what you eat, how you eat, and when you eat.

What do we eat ?

"We can not think well, love well, nor

sleep well if you have not eaten well "

-Virginia Wolf-

Generally, we lead a sedentary life during which we do not do a lot of sports, we eat quickly and we do not really pay attention to our diet.

Often, we do not know what we eat, nor even how our body digests what we eat.

Therefore, it is fundamental to know how our body workswhat are its oxygenation requirements, what foods are acidic, what foods are alkalizing, etc.

The human body satisfies its needs for oxygenation, through breathing.

In the air that we breathe, we find the oxygen that our body needs, but since the oxygen reserves of the human body are almost zero, it is essential for us to constantly introduce oxygen into our body. the body.

An adult breathes between twelve and twenty times a minute, while a newborn breathes between forty and sixty times a minute.

With regard to the relationship between acid and alkaline, the degree of alkalinity and acidity is measured by means of a pH scale (hydrogen potential) where zero is the acid extreme and 14 the extreme alkaline, 7 being the neutral value.

The blood should maintain a pH between 7.40 and 7.45, which corresponds to a slightly basic level, or alkaline.

What are alkaline foods and what are acid foods?

Diet is one of the main factors that has its influence in the acidification of the body.Acidic foods can cause diseasestherefore, it is better to avoid consuming them.

For example, some of these acidic foods are refined sugar and its derivatives, alcohol, tobacco, flour and its derivatives, all tin cans that contain preservatives and dyes, and so on.

Among the foods that help us maintain a slightly alkaline level in the blood are raw vegetables and fruits, dried seeds and fruits, green plants (eg aloe vera, seaweed), and so on.

How do we eat?

It is essential to be aware of how food is eaten. It is important to know the difference between eating them raw or cooked, but also knowing how to combine foods.

For Suzanne Powell, there is no question that eating is very important, whether in everyday life or during illness.

On the other hand, it is also essential to opt for combinations of foods that promote good digestion.

For example, Suzanne says that if we combine protein and starch, we will not be able to digest each other properly, since each variety of food requires its particular environment.

Proteins dissolve in acids, while carbohydrates need a more alkaline environment.

Our body has different enzymes that work according to the food we are chewing.

When mixing foods that are not well combined, such as rice with salad seasoned with lemon or vinegar, we create a mixture that makes digestion very difficult, which can hamper us.

When do we eat?

The different types of food should be combined correctly and ingested at the times of the day when they are best digested.

It is also important to consider the season, and eat the fruits or vegetables that fit this season.

Even if today we have at our disposal almost all fruits and vegetables all year long, they are treated artificially.

In the morning, at breakfast, it is advisable to eat seasonal fruits and yoghurt with integrated cereals.

At lunch, the ideal is to consume salad and carbohydrates, all accompanied by seasonal fruits. Finally, for dinner, you can combine a salad with meat or fish (protein).

If you want to nibble something between meals, it is better to opt for dried fruits, green tea, yoghurt, etc.

If we know what we eat, how we eat it and

when we eat it, then we will help our body to

digest and metabolize properly.

Finally, it's about being aware of what you eat and how you have to mix different types of food so that our health and our body benefit, always acting under the supervision of a specialist.

"The intelligent man should consider that health is the best of human blessings, that food is your remedy."

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