Each of us is strong and can overcome the trials of life

Each of us is strong and can overcome the trials of life

Dear life,

When I say nothing could be worse, I just ask you, I do not challenge you.You are very strong to complicate my existence, recognize it.

In any case, I thank you for it. Your hardness taught me not to give up. Thanks to you, I could prove to myself how strong I was. I have never learned as much as in adversity. The more you hurt me, the more scared I was. The more I thought I was weak, the more you made me strong …

There are times when everything seems to be against us and rebel. These moments hurt you and a sense of helplessness comes from inside. From there, it's hard to get up.

You feel lulled by your power of acceptance and change. Well-being is in you and depends only on a love that offers you resistance and self-esteem.

Know that there is no point in going too fast and that life deserves to be lived, with its ups and downs.One day, she ends up honoring you.

You know that passing is the key to success, that the power of helplessness has not made you weak, and that if you will survive this, you will be able to overcome many other things in the future.

The story of the two frogs, an example of resistance

One day, two frogs fell into a container filled with cream and began to sink. It was difficult to swim or float in this thick mass like quicksand.

At first, the two frogs moved in the cream to reach the edge of the container, but only managed to dabble on the spot and drown more beautifully. It was harder every time to come to the surface and breathe. One of them said aloud:

– I can not anymore. It is impossible to go out, and as I am going to die, I do not see why I would prolong this pain. It does not make sense to die exhausted by sterile efforts.

In pronouncing these words, she stopped fidgeting and drowned very quickly, literally caught in the thick liquid. The other frog, more resistant or at least more stubborn, says:

– It is very difficult to advance in this mass, but I will continue, to see if I will eventually find the right path. I will not confess defeated, I will fight until my last breath.

She continued to wriggle and dodge on the spot, without advancing a centimeter. Hours and hours. Then, suddenly, dabbling and wriggling as much, the cream became butter.

The frog, surprised, jumped and, skating, she reached the edge of the container. She then went home happily croaking.

You must never give up. There is always a way to get to the surfaceeven if it sounds foolish to you or you do not think of it yet.
Indeed, adverse situations usually surprise us by their ability to show us situations from other points of view.

Do not give up, even if the cold burns …

Do not give up, there is still time to reach and start again, to accept your shadows, to bury your fears, to release the ballast, to resume the flight.

Do not give up, because life is that, continue the journey, pursue your dreams, unlock time, browse the rubble and discover the sky.

Do not give up, please, do not give in, even if the cold burns, even if the fear bites, even if the sun hides and the wind is killed. There is still fire in your soul, there is still life in your dreams.

Because this life is yours and that desire too. Because you want it and because I love you. Because there is wine and love, it is true. Because there are no wounds that time does not heal.

Open the doors, unlock the bolts, leave the walls that protect you, live the life and accept the challenge. Find your laugh, sing a song, lower the guard and open your arms, spread your wings and try again, celebrate life and find the sky.

(… )

Because every day is a new beginning, because it's the time and the best moment, because you're not alone, because I love you.

Mario Benedetti

Be strong. No matter what situation you are crossing. All ends up happening, nothing is permanent.

No pain lasts 100 years, and everything will eventually work out. Do not be depressed, because it is up to you to decide the course of your days.

Enjoy your days. Screw them. Mouse, overcome your fears. Cry if you feel like it, bring out what you have in you. But do not falter, because in this life, there is no weight that you can not bear.
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