Downshifting to escape stress

Downshifting to escape stress

Are we perhaps one of those people who demand too much of themselves? Competitiveness and the pursuit of professional success are essential elements of people's material development.The problem begins when, in this race for material success, we no longer pay attention to what we already have: emotional, spiritual and psychological health. A movement known asdownshifting emerged to help us deal with this trap.

This movement can be applied to any area of ​​our life. From our personal relationships to our work environment. We can reduce daily stress and perceive several very positive effects on our physical and mental well-being.

What is downshifting?

Thedownshifting is essentially to question the modern way of life motivated by material desires and ambitions.This movement began to take shape in the mid-1980s in the United States. Its main purpose is to give us back conscious control of our lives by making decisions that are consistent with our priorities, even if that means giving up some luxuries or better paying jobs.

This lifestylebegan with important executives who, while making a lot of money, saw their quality of life threatened by the workload.This led them to less share with their family or to invest less time in their personal interests. This perception gradually spread to all levels and professional ladders, with employees who, without having an exorbitant salary, felt trapped by everyday life and work stress.

Guidelines for practicing downshifting

There are several guidelines for implementing thedownshifting. It will not be easy to adapt our lifestyle at the beginning. But patience will be rewarded over time and in the long run.Some positive news will be more free time, fewer concerns and better experiences and emotions.It will also be more difficult to know a period of crisis because we will appreciate this emotional stability giving the feeling in adequacy with our desires and our concerns.

Here are some of the steps you can take if you are interested in the downshifting :

  • Try not to buy with credit cards. Count your expenses and your budget and always try to pay in cash and from the same bank account.
  • Collect knowledge that saves you money. Use all the information available to you, for example, on the Internet. This knowledge may relate to how to make repairs or improvements to your home without having to pay someone for it.
  • Focus your life on reducing the amount of products you consume. On the recycling of leftovers, repair your goods before buying something new.
  • If you have a car, reduce its use as much as possible. Use public transport or move by bike. If you know other people interested in practicing thedownshifting, do not hesitate to share the transport with them.
  • Make every effort to live near work. This will save you a lot of time and eat more often at home.
  • Feel free to compare prices when you buy. And buy only essential and necessary products. Renounce as much as possible any superficial expenditure.

Downshifting to escape the professional stress

More concretely,we can practice thedownshifting to escape the professional stress. This will reduce the stress levels we experience at all levels on a daily basis.

As we said before, a good method is tolive closer to your job. This will result in an increase in our free time. We can then use it for our leisure because we will not spend as much time moving to our workplace.This will be especially important if you live in a big city, where distances can be very important.

Not having to spend so much time on transportation also means less traffic stress. or the multitude of people on the subway or buses. Reducing the stress generated at work will allow us to benefit more from it. We will end the workday less tired and with more energy to carry out projects that we like.

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