Do you value the opinion of others?

Do you value the opinion of others?

There is no doubt that personal opinions define our lives. The world, meanwhile, constantly influences us to guide us or not to the right paths, andour loved ones are most likely to have a direct influence on our actions.

How to evaluate the level of influence that others exert on us?

While it is important to know the opinion of some people, because we can all learn from each other, attaching too much importance to what others think may be counterproductive in your daily life.

Here are some examples :

  1. You like to please others

The fact to love please everyone typically reveals how much importance you place on the opinion of others, but this attitude undoubtedly leads to failure …

By putting the desires of others ahead of yours, you benefit others but not you. You must not fear the reaction of your friends. Surprising as it may seem, we appreciate people who have character and personality.

If you strive to always surrender to the desires of others, you will never know your own desires, and instead of attracting people, you will probably flee them.

  1. You are constantly boasting

If you do not miss an opportunity to praise all your prowess and minimize the importance of others, this is the inescapable proof that you want to show people who you are.

It is indeed possible that you manage to impress them but not necessarily in a good way.

  1. You place a lot of importance on the opinion people have of you

Any remark is good to make as long as you perceive it as an opinion and not as a final judgment. When people make remarks to you, listen to them and consider their comments, if this can help you improve one aspect of your person.

However, it is not necessary to take all these remarks literally, at the risk of changing your character and personality and not being yourself.

If the opinion of others weighs too heavily on your shoulders, it means that you have a very fragile and easily influenced personality.This point is important because some people may try to manipulate you to make you abound in their meaning.

  1. You do not know how to say "no"

People who do not know how to say "no" to others are the same people who attach great importance to the opinion of others. Learn to say no is sometimes essentialbecause it can help you impose your ideas and decisions, and thus prevent people from abusing your kindness.

  1. Your decisions are in line with what others expect of you

This last point is the most important since this behavior can have an impact on all the important decisions of your life. The strongest influence comes from your family and close friends, and this influence is rarely what's best for you …

If your parents, friends, or anyone else expect you to act against your wishes, you should consider ignoring – with great respect – their suggestions. While we are always influenced by someone, try to get inspiration from people who are on the same page as you.

As a general rule, the best advisors are outside our close entourage and are able to give us an imperfect advice.

Try to develop your personality and project it on others while respecting them. In your interactions with others, do you care about them and what they think, but keep in mind that this is no more and no less than a simple opinion.

To please people, there is no need to boast, just stay yourself, keep a sense of humor and inspire security and trust to others.

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