Do you love as much as you want to be loved

Do you love as much as you want to be loved

We feel loved is one of the greatest needs of the human being, because we are social beings, and love allows us to affirm ourselves as people.

Thereby, we can say that much of our life revolves around this feeling, as do most of the activities we undertake.
However, even if we do everything so that others accept us or give us the love we want to receive, sometimes we feel a lack of love: self-love.

Generally forgotten and relegated to the background, self-love is much more important than the love we receive from others.This love allows us to move forward when we feel socially rejected, and to keep our heads up when negative feelings come to the fore.

Learn to love yourself

We live in a society in which canons of beauty are extremely important, competition among colleagues is encouraged, and we are taught that nothing is ever enough. This set of factors means that each day we demand a little more of ourselves, which causes frustration in all or most aspects of our lives.

Finally, we do not love each other as much as we should, and we do not appreciate ourselves. To learn to love us, it is essential to:

Recognize that we possess qualities despite our defects.It often happens that we compare ourselves to the canons established by society. Although this situation is mainly true for the physical aspect, it is also generalized to other aspects. An excellent activity is to draw up a list of our qualities and our faults, then ask someone to read it so that he or she gives us his opinion. This exercise will help us to become aware of qualities we do not know.

We respect and consider ourselves as individual and unique beings.People who love each other and who have a good self-esteem respect each other, which means they do not want to look like anyone, because they know that each of their characteristics makes them unique.

Place us at the center of our lives.While this may seem odd to you, it's important to remember, as many people are used to putting others before them: their children, their family, their job, their spouse, their favorite sport, and so on. Although we have responsibilities or goals that we want to achieve, we must never forget that we are at the center of our lives, and that if we do not do what is necessary to feel happy and fulfilled, no one will do it to our square.

These three tips are the basis of self-love. We must free ourselves from feelings of guilt and beliefs that we must take a back seat, because each person is responsible for their own lives and the love they feel for themselves.

When a person finally manages to love himself, she invariably begins to receive more respect and more love from others.

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