Do you know the syndrome of the consenting slave?

Do you know the syndrome of the consenting slave?

"Nothing is more discouraging than a willing slave"
(Ricardo Flores Magón)

We all know that a slave is a pa person deprived of his liberty. Just like those who suffer from the Stockholm syndrome, whose victims are sequestered persons who manage to establish an emotional bond with their executioner, the slave may be consenting and accept this deprivation of liberty.

It has nothing to do with sexuality. A satisfied (or consenting) slave is a concept that goes much further. Do you want to know more about this syndrome? Do not hesitate to read the rest of this article!

Mental chains

When we talk about slavery, everyone thinks of a bygone era. But are you sure? A willing slave is trapped by many mental chains. This makes his rebellion difficult, because these chains are in his own spirit, and are part of him.

Slavery has changed shape. Today, it is more subtle, so much so that you could be a willing slave without even realizing it. Here is the real mystery we will reveal.

If you are not able to rebel against humiliation, if you always have your head down during a discussion without showing your opinion, you are a slave.

What are you afraid of ? You know you want to raise your voice, but something stops you, or maybe you stop it.

These mental chains may not have been placed by others, but by you. Are you happy to let others humiliate you? Are you happy trying to be like others? Does the quest for happiness really allow you to reach it?

Do we live as anesthetized?

The consenting slave syndrome may be related to the effects of anesthesia. We are bodies that think in a relatively similar way and do what they think they like. However, in reality, we are satisfied slaves.

Let's take the example of relationships. Depending on where you live, the conceptions of relationships, infidelity, or monogamy are not the same.

Perhaps you have a different relationship than what you were taught as a child, but are you not a willing slave?

All human beings seek happiness, or rather, we believe that it is our goal. However,what does "happiness" mean to you? Start a family ? Have a dream job?

The notion of happiness is dictated by our society. Faced with this, people who rebel against this syndrome are beginning to experience a sort of injustice of stereotypes imposed by the society in which we live.

"They make fun of me because I am different. I do not care about them because they are all the same. "
(Kurt Cobain)

There is a uniform way of thinking, but if we leave this model and truly remove these chains, we become strangers.

We start to see other people as a group that thinks the same way, whereas we are different.

Do you remember those shoes that you hate but wear today? Advertising, fashion and society "force" you to submit. Yesterday you did not like them and today you have them at your feet.

Even if you think otherwise, your friends put pressure on you wearing those shoes you hate so much. Society is oppressing you to get into the mold and be the same.

Let's talk about the family now. Does machismo still exist?

Of course! Indeed, if you can not rebel against this and you give in, you will accept this machismo treatment in your home and you will reproduce it, without realizing it, in your future relationships.

So, nowadays, many things should have stayed in the past. That's why people are so inconsistent. They do not realize that they reproduce things they once criticized or rejected. It looks like this shoe story, does not it?

It is very difficult to try to be yourself. It seems that we are all marked with the same mold and that if we move away, we become an alien.

Frustration, pessimism and depression can take over you. You can not change the rest, but you can change yourself.

Free yourself from your chains and be free. Seek your own happiness, far from what dictates society.

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