Do you know the meaning of the terms "Sawabona" ​​and "Shikoba"?

Do you know the meaning of the terms “Sawabona” ​​and “Shikoba”?

There is a tribe in southern Africa that has a truly magnificent custom.When someone behaves badly, we take him to the center of the village, where everyone will start circling. For two days, he is reminded of all the beautiful things he has done.

This tribe thinks that each of us has come into the world by being goodand aspiring to safety, love, peace and happiness. It sometimes happens that in our path of life, we make mistakes. These false steps represent for this people a cry for help.

These people think that this desire to feel special and good can sometimes alter a person's behavior. So, they come together to straighten it, put it back on the right path and reconnect it with its true nature, reminding her who she is.

So when that happens, the whole tribe repeats in heart"Sawabona"which means: "I respect you, I consider you and you are important to me". This person then responds"Shikoba"which means: "I am good and I exist for you". This act of recognition reconstructs the wounded being from the inside, who feels then loved and valued.

In this way, using the language of love, this tribe remembers each day that everyone is special and good, even if one of them sometimes acts incorrectly.

What is certain is that thanks to this beautiful simple act, the members of the tribe transmit a message: it's never too late or too early to become the person you want to be. Time is not counted, you can start when you want, but remember that patience brings more than violence.

Sometimes, when we behave badly, we cry out that someone makes us feel important, such as a call to love, esteem and tenderness.

If we could imagine that each of us carries a sign saying "make me feel important and special", our contacts would be more pure and caring, and we would reveal a real interest for the people around us.

In our society, emotional communication is impossible. We do not succeed in valuing ourselves or valuing others.

The exemplary behavior of this tribe shows us the importance of transmitting the values ​​of respect and affection to our children.

Thus, it will always be possible to be influential and saved because we live in a dangerous environment in which morale, motivation and self-esteem are lacking to move forward and face the world.

If we understand this teaching, we will go far beyond being well-mannered and kind, and we will show ourselves to the world with our most beautiful smile, such as a presentation card, a white flag or a sign of peace that would flood our daily gratitude and trust.

Moreover, before motivating oneself, it is also possible to motivate others, thanks to mutual knowledge and to personal and foreign emotions.

In this way, when entering a relationship, you will bring a lot of extremely interesting emotional information. You will perceive the same sensitivity and consideration that you have provided and you will then increase the quality and influence of your relationships.

Provided that one day we understand the importance ofSawabona-Shikoba in our society. We all need from time to time that our entourage reminds us that we are taking a good or a bad path and that we are wonderful beings who possess above all the capacity to correct, to surprise, to feel and to know.

If you realize that you behave badly, have the power and the strength to start over again to fix your mistakes.

Photo courtesy of Dietmar Temps.

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