Do you know how anxiety affects your life?

Do you know how anxiety affects your life?

"As dark as your pain is, never lose hope, because black clouds are falling from clean water and fertilize"

-Chinese proverb-

At one time or another in our lives, we have all felt how much anguish could take hold of us. This feeling of trouble does not leave us, and prevents us from doing certain things.

Anxiety is an emotion that can come to establish in us a certain malaise and drowning us in a deep sadness. Thus, one submits even more to the feeling of discouragement, lamentation and complaint.

The fact of giving ourselves the means to get out of this anxiety which limits us, will be very important if we want to avoid that it has repercussions on our life.

Indeed, even if we do not realize it, anxiety changes many things in us.

You become pessimistic

You can be the most optimistic person in the world, but when anguish catches you, negativity and pessimism take hold of your vision of things.

Suddenly, you see everything in black, you lose all hope, and you fall into a cycle of fear and anger from which you will have difficulty going out.

Anxiety has the power to blur your vision and make you look even worse.

Your life is conditioned by how you feel, and because of this anxiety that invades you, everything will go wrong in your life.

To fight against this, you must make great efforts to be positive, and to change this vision of things established by the anxiety that has taken power over you.

Strive to see the bright side, as you go through all these difficult times.

If you see things in a positive way, you will run away from the negativity around you

Do you listen and speak the same way?

When anxiety has changed the way you see things, your way of thinkinglisten and speak are also modified.

Suddenly, everything you listen to is interpreted in a way that may not be adequate.

Your inner dialogue continues to be negative and to bring you words of discouragement such as "nobody likes you", "everyone does not care about you", "you are alone", "nobody understands you".

You stop enjoying yourself as a person, and pessimism seizes you.

Therefore, everything that is verbalized changes as well. Insecurity and fear will manifest in our wordsand we'll begin to say "I can not do anything about it", or "That's what I have to live", among other things.

To remedy this, it is very important to start talking to ourselves positively.

Do you feel drowned? Did this comment hurt you? See the positive side, as well as the lessons you have learned.

Focus on the positive, and leave out the negativity that approaches you

Your health and your future are affected

Anxiety is not just a mental issue. If we do not do what it takes to get rid of it, it can then begin to manifest in our bodies in different ways.

Headaches or backaches, unexplained tremors or insomnia are all symptoms that our body throws at us to say that something is not right.

Anxiety paralyzes us, so that it can come to limit all that we want to achieve.

"The mind has its own place, and it alone has the capacity to transform
hell in heaven, or heaven in hell "

-John Milton-

Do not ignore anxiety! It is a transient state that can start to have serious consequences if you do not get rid of it in time.

A positive spirit can always counteract all negativity that anxiety persists in showing. Learn to turn anxiety into a new lesson to learn.

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