Do you believe in destiny?

Do you believe in destiny?

Often, during our life, we have the strange feeling that chance is getting in our way, forcing us to change direction. On the contrary, some people say that it is destiny, this force that is beyond us and pushes us towards an inevitable succession of events that we can not escape.

Such a phenomenon goes beyond mere synchronicity becauseto believe in destiny is to convince oneself that nothing happens by chance, and that everything is therefore written.

What are the results of such a philosophy? In such circumstances, are we at the mercy of fate, or at least free to choose our own path?

Chance or causality?

Sometimes, certain situations surprise us, such as this person who is met in a specific place and in strange circumstances, this chance that manifests itself when we no longer wait for it, this choice that we make without much to know why … So that's the chance? Or should we rather speak of a mysterious causality?

It is always better to be open-minded, to have a way of thinking without barriers and to accept any information or stimulus from the environment in which we live.

The important thing is to know if we recognize the existence of destiny, and if we therefore assume that much of what happens to us is marked by the designs of a force that escapes our understanding, even our consciousness.

But where does our responsibility lie in all this? How to be responsible for something that is not controlled?

Free will and inexplicable aspect

Some scientists claim that there is an "almost obligate destiny" linked to inheritance. Indeed, the genetics of our parents can sometimes determine us in many areas, whether in terms of character, physical appearance, contracted diseases, etc.

The social and personal context in which one grows up can also have its influence, in a proportion of 30 or 40%.

However, this conception coexists with another, equally indispensable; which is that of " free will ". It implies that each person is conditioned by their choices, their personal history and their life in a society that allows them to choose one way or another, to recognize their mistakes, to believe in them and to take on new challenges or other challenges. projects.

As an old Italian writer said, "Fate can not prevail without the secret complicity of instinct and will" ; because we do not weave our life in the stars but in our own reality, this everyday life that puts us to the test and imposes us challenges to test ourselves as a person.

We are free to set goals and access our own successes,which does not preclude the chance to exist. Sometimes the chances are so singular that we can only associate them with a kind of inexplicable magic.

Because, rational as it is, the human being has always appreciated this phenomenon so particular related to all that in our life is strange or of the order of the inexplicable.

At times, our life comes down to a chaos of chance and illogical events, but that should not prevent us from doing everything to hold the reins of our destiny and to be the master of it, because that is what will allow us to be more responsible.

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