Do we all have a dark side?

Do we all have a dark side?

If in order to save one of your loved ones you had to accept that the heart of a serial killer would be grafted to him, would you accept? Before answering, think … Can we really say that a serial killer has "a heart"?

In any case, from a medical and scientific point of view this is impossible since the donations of organs are done anonymously and neither the name of the donor nor the name of the recipient are given to the families.

The question we should ask ourselves would be rather: what causes a person to cheat on someone for the simple "pleasure" of killing?

Are we the product of evil?

According to Catharism (religious movement appeared in the twelfth century, spread mainly in the South of France and inspired by ancient Eastern pagan beliefs based on the doctrine of Good and Evil), Man is the product of Evil.

Believers relied so heavily on this doctrine that they even condemned procreation because they believed that having children would only bring more evil.

One might think that it is sordid to say that Man is the product of Evil. However, it is unfortunately enough to look out the window, read newspapers or listen to the radio to find that the man is well able to bad deeds.

This shows that humanity has a predisposition to evil and that if we let ourselves be guided by our instinct, the consequences would be catastrophic.

Society helps calm our aggressive instincts

Whether we like it or not, society is an entity made up of all of us. This society operates as a kind of mechanism that needs to follow rules to work.

For example, we depend on the behavior of our neighbor and his way of life. If he does not put the music too loud at night, then there will be no conflicts.

My colleague depends on my good mood at work. So, I do not mess up his testosterone and nothing frivolous will affect the rest of his day. On the contrary, if the day goes wrong, it insults me, I tell it to others, the news spreads and a negative atmosphere reigns at work.

And if serotonin calms the worst impulses, testosterone can push many men to commit the worst acts ever imagined, and that from a tiny spark. Do not be that spark!

Fight against our inner monster

It is certain that we will never forget that blood runs in our veins and that, very often, when everything is fine, there is always someone to play with our nerves (an insult a bit too much, an attack to our physical integrity, etc.) but that does not mean that it will always be like that.

Indeed, the balance and good harmony of society will sometimes be altered by our fault (whether we realize it or not).

According to a recent study by the University of Beihang (China), anger is the emotion that spreads the most when exposed on social networks, unlike playful and nice sms.

All the more reason to continue following the example of our neighbor but also to remember that our instinct is guided by our worst enemy: ourselves.

Fighting one's inner self is a daily job. At times, you will feel crushed by this "inner self" when he shows the fangs, will bring out his anger, his sarcasm and his venom.

This struggle will affect not only your relationship with others, but also your own desires to be happy and live. This monster in us can be terrible. Some people do not even know about it, but if one day it comes up, it will terrorize more than one.

Thus, people who know their "inner monster" must be more cautious, more tolerant, calmer and sometimes indulgent so as not to wake up and threaten the lives of innocent people in their path.

If only nobody had an inner monster! However, cohabiting with him makes us aware of who we are, of our limitations and flaws, and curiously of all the positive things to share.

Because even if according to Ernest Hemingway "It is always in innocence that the real evil takes its source "Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us that "To resolve human conflicts, revenge, violence and the spirit of revenge must be excluded. The solution is love ".

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