Do things happen by chance?

Do things happen by chance?

"Chance is and can only be the effect of an ignored cause"
– Voltaire –

It's been a while since I want to write about it. I would like, if you allow me, to analyze my own thoughts and share them with you.

My goal is to expose you my thoughts, to awaken something in you, dear readers.

If you came here to find an answer, or to find an interpretation, I prefer to warn you now that I made a final opening to this article, so that everyone can draw their own conclusions and share with us .

I will start with this questioning:

Does everything happen by chance or does everything happen for a reason, that is, by taking a path that we have previously outlined?

History of chance and causality

The day before yesterday morning, I sat in front of a blank sheet hoping that my hands and my head would get to work, but I had no answer from my brain.

No idea crossed my mind, so after five minutes I decided to postpone the attempt.

I was perhaps tired, or very uninvited to write a text at that time. I decided to go out and change my mind. What is certain is that this ride has made me crazy.

A few hours later, more determined than ever, I sat in front of my blank sheet again as a challenge with myself. But nothing. Impossible.

Ten minutes later, I confessed I was defeated, realizing that this attempt was going to fail again.

Thus, I left my office chair again and tried to change my ideas by reading, and especially not to think about my inability to write this article.

So I went through one of my favorite books: "Le Monde Soleil" by Albert Espinosa. I opened the book and came across a page that ended with the following sentence:

"And I stayed here, contemplating this darkness, hoping she would get up."

This sentence accurately described the situation in which I found myself, that is to say in the absence of the most total inspiration. Maybe the world sent me a sign?

I closed the book and put myself to work again.

Feeling more inspired and having ideas about the structure of the story that I wanted to tell you, I positively asked my pen to draw the first line.

I wrote: "Chance or causality?" and I suddenly felt better. As if I had overcome the obstacle of the lack of inspiration with this question as complex as it is.

But the inspiration was blocked, or to be honest, my desire and my patience stopped …

Desperate, after a few minutes waiting for another sign of the sky, I got up again, I prepared dinner and took a shower to try to refresh my ideas.

However, I was now too tired and decided that it was better to give up for today. I went to bed. Tomorrow is another day. Back to square one.

The next day, I got up at the first hour with energy. I had lunch and planted myself in front of what had lately become my "enemy": the blank page.

With the feeling of being stuck in a dead end, I went into the same frustration process as the day before, the one that made me doubt my ability to write this article.

Maybe in my case it was causality rather than chance? Had not I decided to postpone the impossible?

What was sure was that I did not even keep five minutes in front of this desk. Often, inspiration does not fall from the sky, it must be provoked and sought.

I could have made drafts, diagrams, look for information on this topic or directly agree to move to another topic with the hope of writing something on it.

HoweverI let myself be carried away by despair and frustration which led me to think that I was not able to, when only a few minutes had passed and I had done nothing to fix it.

Now I find myself writing these few words, which by chance (or by causality?) Bring me to this more important question:

Was I afraid to write what I thought? Or was I not sure to share with you those thoughts that I tried to search as if by chance?

Two elements are certain …

The first element is that I really came across the following quote by opening the book again randomly: "Unresolved doubts are the fears not accepted” .

The second element is that by chance, by making an effort, a reflection led me to another: I am the master of my sentences and my emotions.

And I turned the page again.

"The world is the largest court that exists"
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