Do not suffer anymore because you belong to life

Do not suffer anymore because you belong to life

Love freedom above anything else, undo the bonds of your chains, put down possession. Do not let anyone stop you from living or following the path that leads to your dreams.

Do not have a master, you are the only person able to dominate your own life.

You do not want to have a boss, to be controlled by other people. You have learned to express your disapproval, to put words on what makes you unhappy.

You have finally been free, and you want to take care of that freedom. It is the conquest of your life, one of the most important aspects of your existence.

"It's not the other who can be the master of myself"

To love without losing one's freedom

Leave free those you love, they are the ones they want to be, and that's how they will help you develop your personality.

We all belong to the cycle of life. It is common to hear phrases like "I can not live without you", "Without you, I am nothing", "If you leave me, I die".

These are sentences that, at first sight, may seem romantic. But if we analyze them coldly, it actually conveys the idea of ​​a love that is not healthy at all.

As psychologist Walter Riso rightly says, it is better to say "I do not need you, but I chose to be with you", "I can share life with someone, but not out of necessity. , only by choice ", or in a more global way:"I love you, but I do not need you” .

The fact of needing someone is not healthy, because it implies the idea of ​​a submission, whereas the love must be only freedom.

"I like freedom, and that's why I leave things that I love free. If they come back, it's because I won them. If they do not come back, it's because they never belonged to me "
-John Lennon-

Be the master of your will, learn to say no

How many times in your life did you say "yes" when you would have a hundred times preferred to say "no"? It's time to put aside your fear of saying "no".

It's not something wrong, it's a very healthy behavior. We are often afraid of the reactions of others, or the consequences of our refusals.

But, have you ever thought about what really happened the few times you said "no"? Probably not much of a negative.

"99% of all things that concern people are things that have never happened, and that will never happen".
-Emilio Duró-

You can try to say no to a proposal, accompanying your rejection of an alternative that seems more appealing to you.

Use your ability to be positive, and not to oppose too brutal refusals. Stay firm on your positions, however. Ask yourself how you would feel if you said "yes" to something that does not make you happy.

Be faithful to your dreams, to your life

Sometimes, in order to reach our dreams, we need to overcome everything that prevents us from moving forward.The best way to do this is to stop doing what we are used to doing.

This is the only way to radically change the way we act, our negative parameters. It's a behavior that will allow us to see things differently.

The life you want to live is the one you imagine in your mind, not the life that others conceive for you.

 Some people cherish the idea of ​​being in a relationship with the same person throughout their lives, while others do not want to deprive themselves of various experiences and to share different moments with several partners.

Some people want to have a fixed job, while others prefer to have the freedom to choose at any time what they want to do.

All options are valid and respectable, from the moment they result from a perfectly free choice.

Be faithful to what you want, what you dream of, and what you are passionate about. When we do what truly satisfies us, nothing can stop us.

The whole world can then feel our enthusiasm, and that is how we can become masters of our own existence.

Follow your instinct, your intuition and your heart, let them carry you and be your most valuable advisers.

Your time is limited, do not spoil it by leading an existence that is not yours. Do not be a prisoner of the dogmas that force you to live by obeying the thoughts of others. Do not let the outside hubbub muffle your inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. Both of you know what you really want to become. The rest is secondary”.
-Steve Jobs-
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