Do not live in the past

Do not live in the past

As the Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes said "the past is anchored in memory and the future is only possible through desire ". Living anchored in the past or suspended in the future is a way to ruin the present moment.

The problem is not to remember intense moments, nor to idealize one's life, but rather to take refuge exclusively in one or the other in a continuous way.

But then, why do so many people make their past their present? Not accepting the reality of things or staying frozen on past mistakes are some of the reasons that prevent many people from living fully.

The past is made of all the experiences that have led us to the present moment, here, no matter the way. It is a safe filled with good and bad experiences, bad decisions and luck, sadness, joy, and people coming in and out of our lives.

Run after the wind

It is not a question of forgetting the past and giving up on it, but rather of avoiding hanging on it and making it a burden that paralyzes us and prevents us from enjoying the present moment.

The only thing that binds us to him is the memory. Feeling the need to live in the past is not a good thing and hinders our personal fulfillment.

A Russian proverb says that "to regret the past is to run after the wind"Watch constantly back and forth taking refuge in the past is a solution for people who are afraid of the present, of life, of the unknown, and who are hiding in the past because knowing what is happening reassures them.

The solution is in us

It is not a question of erasing or forgetting past moments, because remembering pleasant moments brings us happiness. It is rather to cut this link, to get rid of it is to accept that the past is spontaneous, ephemeral and more real.

To take advantage of the memory of our lived experiencesjoyful or sad, and learn from it to improve our condition as human beings.

The goal is to talk less about the past, especially those moments that made us suffer, to live the present fully, without burden, without guilt and without pain.

As an Arab proverb saysto know that the past has fled forever, that what you hope for is no more, but that the present belongs to you” .

How to fight against this desire to live in the past, far from the unknown? The solution lies in us, preventing memories of the past from becoming an obsession and ruining our present.

To settle in perpetual melancholy is a mistake because, by luck or bad luck, we can not travel in time. By feeling guilty about a past decision and constantly cogitating to find a solution for something that no longer exists, you will reap only a burden in your mind that will prevent you from enjoying the present moment.

John Lennon said that "Some are willing to do anything but live here and now. " To get rid of this harmful link, try to focus on the present, enjoy and become aware of the moment in which you live.

Stop these trips in the past to try to solve the impossible and remove phrases like "if I could …" from your mind. Act now.

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