Do not judge me without knowing!

Do not judge me without knowing!

"Do not expect others to understand your journey,

especially if they have never had to walk your way "

"I come, master, for I feel so useless that I no longer have the strength of anything. I am told that I am not doing anything, that I am not doing anything right, that I am clumsy and stupid. How could I improve? What can I do for others to consider me more?

Without looking at him, the master answered him:

-I'm really sorry my boy, but I can not help you, I already have to solve my own problems. May be later…

He paused and added, but if you agree to help me, then I could solve my worries quickly, and maybe I can help you later.

"I'll be delighted," the boy stammered, sensing once again that he was devalued and that his problems were second only to him.

"Well," said the master.

He took off the ring he wore around the little finger of his left hand and handed it to the child, saying to him: take the horse that is outside and go to the market.

I have to sell this ring because I have to pay off a debt. It is essential that you obtain the largest amount of money possible, but accept no less than a gold coin. Go ahead and come back with the money as soon as possible.

The boy took the ring and left. Hardly had it happened that he began to offer the ring to the merchants. They watched him with interest, while the boy praised the jewel.

When he mentioned the price of a piece of gold, some laughed, others turned their backs on him. Only a very kind old man took the time to explain to him that the ring was not worth as much.

Someone wanting to help him offered a piece of silver and a pottery, but the boy had orders, he should not accept less than a gold coin.

So he refused. After trying to sell the ring to all the passers-by (more than a hundred people), he rode on horseback, shot down, and returned.

He would have so wanted to sell this gold coin, to be able to bring it back to the master and free him from his worries. He, in turn, could have received some advice and some help. He entered the room.

"Master," said he, "I am sorry, what you have asked me is impossible. You might be able to draw two or three pieces of silver, I could not cheat on the true value of this ring.

The master replied with a smile: what you just said is so important. We must first know the true value of this ring. Go back on horseback and go see the jeweler. Who better than him could inform us? Tell him you want to sell the ring and ask him what is his value. But no matter what he offers, do not sell it. Come back here with my ring.

The boy left. The jeweler examined the ring by the light of an oil lamp, observed it with his magnifying glass, weighed it and said:

– Small, tell the master that if he wants to sell this ring, I could not give him more than 58 gold coins.

– 58 gold coins? exclaimed the child.

"Yes," replied the jeweler. I think that with time it could get about 70 gold, but I do not know … If the sale is urgent …

The boy, moved, ran to the master's house to tell him the news.

After listening to the story, the master said to him: Sit down little. You are like this ring: a jewel, brave and unique.

So, there is only one expert who can truly recognize yourvalue. What makes you say that someone really knows your true value?

Then, saying this, he put his ring back on the little finger of his left hand.

Here is a nice story to make you think about this idea: do not let anyone judge you.

You know my name, but not my story. I know that you will care little about what I say to you and that you will still judge me without asking my opinion, but you do not know my angels or my demons.

Do not judge me without trying to put yourself in my shoes. The only thing you know about me is what I just told you, and you learned things.

I try to live as I want and not put on masks. I am the only person who can walk this path, and,I therefore assume the responsibility to value myself.

A few years ago, I was convinced that what you thought of me represented my true value.

However, I learned some lessons and I will not make the same mistake a second time, because your judgment no longer reaches me. I realized that my true value was the one I was willing to pay.

The only way to free myself was to stop buying me. Today, I know that my image is a reflection of my safety and my esteem for me.

You can not know how happy it is to stop looking around, what you actually have inside yourself.

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