Do not hold back your tears!

Do not hold back your tears!

Everyone knows, laughing is good for your health. Not only is it nice to see someone's face lit up by a smile, but laughter is good for the body.

Indeed, when we laugh, our brain secretes several hormones: endorphins, which increase the level of adrenaline and stimulate the imagination; dopamine, which promotes mental activity; and serotonin, which has calming effects and soothes anxiety.

Laughter is an act that is socially accepted and highly valued. But what about crying? And tears?

If toddlers cry openly, adults cry only when they are alone, or hold back their tears, preferring to move forward by gritting their teeth. But, is having such behavior really good for your health?

to cry to be happy?

Several studies on the subject have shown that the capacity to cry, inherent to the human being, is necessary to happiness.

William Frey, a doctor at St. Paul's Ramsay Medial Center in Minnesota, says tears are just as necessary as smiles; they soothe tensions, soften sadness, and allow us to get to know each other better and to bond more deeply with others.

But that's not all; many surveys have shown that depressed people are the ones who cry the least.

The psychiatrist Cristian Prado, master in neuroscience at the University of Chile, explains this phenomenon by pointing out that "some depressive people end up expressing nothing anymore".

In other words, part of their brain structure gives up its function and ends up not responding to the pain and leading them into a desperate search for isolation.

Crying is not being weak

Tears are part of us, of who we are. They represent a mechanism of escape and appeasement and can allow us to balance our emotions, and reorganize our feelings.

Crying fulfills a vital function in human development, so there is no point in persisting in trying to hold them back.

Curiously, there are times when, without wanting to, we end up crying in public; moments where we are overwhelmed by this desire to cry common to all human beings and where we try to reason with ourselves by saying "Do not cry, everything is fine, crying will not solve your problems, calm down".

Of course, tears will not solve anything, but crying is liberating, it gives access to tranquility; and the body relaxes, so that sometimes, after weeping, we can even fall asleep.

It is a way to free oneself from all these negative emotions that sometimes go beyond us, a means of achieving well-being. By crying, you can learn to manage your emotions.

After weeping, once you have calmed down and you have recovered, you will certainly start to see things in another way, you will feel safer and you will succeed in opening those windows that kept your life going. in darkness.

There is no point in accumulating your tears in little invisible lakes, in pools that will eventually poison you with a sadness that you will not have managed.

So just wait for the right moment, when you will find yourself alone, and let yourself go crying, just …

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